Youth Rider Report: Why I Love BMX

By Adam Johnson, age 12

I like BMX because it is extreme. I first noticed BMX when my friends started to get BMX bikes. I was fascinated with them because they were so much fun.

I had started to do jumps on my mountain bike and BMX bikes just made it that much easier and maneuverable.

My first race was at Track 2000 in Milton. It was fun because it was my first time in the start gates and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

The start is a quick downhill, followed by a series of jumps and turns. There is a lot of jostling and strategy need for BMX. You need to choose your lines carefully or you can get cut off or lose valuable time. My first race I came dead last, but loved it anyway.

In BMX, riders start out as Novices and can move up to Intermediate and then Expert based on their results. There are also age categories so you are always racing kids of similar ability. This makes for lots of exciting racing and close finishes.

In BMX, there are three motos or heats in every race. The results of the motos are used to determine who gets to race the main (or finals) and their position in the start gate.

There are lots of friendly people in BMX and I see the same friends at many of the races I do across Ontario. This summer I plan to race the BMX O-Cups. See you there!