Time Trialing for Fun & Profit

Hi everyone,

We have some news about Club membership fees for 2020 and some interesting changes to our Time Trial events this year. 

– The HCC has just paid for our Sanction/OCA Membership Fee for 2020. That means you will be able to go to the CCN website in a week or two to sign-up for your new membership. (depending on any new OCA rules/policy changes for our Club events. We’ll send out an announcement when it’s good to go)  

– We are dropping the individual membership fee from $45.00 to only $25.00. That makes it less for Associates who have membership to another club(s)to join the club as full time members and pay less to ride in our Time Trials. For long time members who have been used to paying only $2.00 (which has never been enough to cover our Club activities/expenses/banquet, etc) that drop in membership will pay for your first five Time Trials…

– The fee for our weekly Thursday Time Trials will be $5.00 for full members and $10.00 for Associates

– Prize Money every week: We will start pay-outs of $60.00, $40.00 and $20.00 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place fastest times for both men and women, based on a minimum of five entrants. Race Director Chris Komar is working on getting some Club Sponsors, and if he is successful the prize money could double: $120.00 $80.00 and $40.00. 

We’re also planning to have special cash prizes for our monthly Saturday 40K Time Trials and possibly for Speed Week.

There will be more changes and announcements to come. We’ll keep you informed.

 We need to boost our membership, so tell your friends and join the Hamilton Cycling Club for 2020.


Ken Wilson