Tickets, Tickets, Who Wants Tickets?

Yes the banquet includes dessert.

The sale of the century has begun for the annual HCC Awards Banquet, a.k.a. the $15 festival of food guaranteed to double your time on the 2011 Sydenham Hill Climbs. Tickets for the awards banquet – where we give out trophies and medals and handshakes – are $15 for members and volunteers, $30 for non-members.

Chef Henry, though not working the kitchen this night, has arranged a feast that includes soups, pasta, roasted chicken, stuffed roast pork with a port wine sauce, potatoes, salads, and… desserts. It’s a great time to meet club members, enjoy a great meal at a great price, and remind everyone that the older you get the faster you were.

Details: Banquet is Saturday, Nov. 6 at Marquis Gardens (1050 Rymal Rd. E. Hamilton). Contact Henry for tickets at or (905) 628-2786.