Speedweek Results Posted

Results for the stage race we call Speedweek are now posted with our other club results here. (See Speedweek listed at bottom of the spreadsheet.)

The Coles Notes version: let’s give props to male winner Steve Baker for amassing four points over the four events, and to female winner Debbie Clarke for doing the same! Impressive consistency, folks!

Remember, we calculated as 1st fastest rider per event gets 1 point, and slower riders amass more points. (Then, like golf the lowest score wins.) We gave equal rating for Merckx and Aero riding styles. so for example on Indian Trail Baker and Rowley both got 1 point. Falkland 20 & 40 also rated equal points. (only 5 riders qualified for Falkland). Competitors had to enter all 4 events to qualify and points were based to exclusion of riders who may have been faster but hadn’t completed all 4 events.