Speedweek and Ayr 40k RR

As usual, it was a tight competition for the Speed Week honours. This year at the end it was between Tony Morelli and Kevin Tearle, as Tony was one up going into the last day.
Since they both rode different distances (40k and 20k) and Kevin came in 1st in the 20 and Tony got bested by Beston in the 40, they ended up tied!
So it went to total time over the first three events, and Tony won with the lowest total time of 31:23 versus Kevin at 32:06.
The results of yesterday’s Ayr 44k Australian Pursuit race are posted. Mark Pesowski and Mark DeKoning of the middle speed group managed to hold-off the charge of Tony Morelli and Brett Beston of the fast group and the Two Marks took 1st and 2nd.
http://hamiltoncycling.com/calendar-2012/club-results-2015  Scroll down to Road Races. Martin will probably add the actual speed calculations.
( trophy courtesy of Missy Dog. 😉Ayr40-15-