Paris-Ancaster Results for HCCers

Congrats to all the riders at this year’s muddy 20th anniversary Paris-Ancaster Race, held this past weekend. Here is a race report and photos, and below are results of HCC members or friends of the club:


  • Sue Palmer: 3rd (1st W40-49)
  • Debbie Clarke 4th (50-59)
  • Tanya Hanham: 14th (5th W30-39)
  • Suzie Brown: 22nd (6th W20-29)
  • Erita Smith: 25th (9th W30-39)


  • Carl Clarke 6th (50-59)
  • Jeff Landry: 50th (20th M30-39)
  • John Rasmussen: 214th (22th M50-59)
  • Gary Ciarloni 508th (85th M50-59)
  • William Anderson: 631st (12th M16-19)
  • Phil Renaud: 724th (130th M50-59)
  • Peter Shouten: 934th (307th M40-49)

Also… Jason Thornton did the 60km course on a unicycle in 3’19’55’. Meanwhile, former HCC star┬áSarah Rasmussen, riding for Ottawa, did the Battenkill coming in 40th.