Congratulations! We are thrilled that you have chosen to join the Hamilton Cycling Club! To renew or to begin an HCC membership. sign into CCN (see link below) for one stop shopping for your membership, insurance and if applicable UCI or Citizen license. here’s the revised OCA process. This process begins below (probably best to print this page for reference as you go through the process at CCN!!)

    • Register for the Hamilton Cycling Club. Go to the CCN  registration page and click the red “Join Now” button 2. Log into an existing CCN Bikes user account or sign up as a new user. If you have an OCA race license you already have a CCN user account. Be sure to log in as an existing user 3. Select who you want to register from the drop-down menu. If the person you want to register does not have a profile on your account you can create a new profile by clicking the box “someone else” 4. Select an Address or create a new address 5. Select your membership category. The membership category options will be filtered based on your age. You will only be shown the options you are eligible for based on your age.a. FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS PLEASE NOTE: To complete a family membership, the first person registering must choose the “Primary Family Member” option. Any subsequent family members being registered must be in the “Additional Family Member” category (there should be a separate box where you can identify your racing category)6. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE VALID ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION INSURANCE FOR 2021 YOU MUST ADD IT IN ORDER TO CONTINUE WITH THE CLUB REGISTRATION. OCA insurance is included with any racing or technical license, or it can be purchased alone as the Affiliate Club Membership ($42). Once you complete the OCA application form you’ll be brought back to the Hamilton Cycling Club registration form. Complete the Additional Member Information and click “Next”8. If you are registering multiple people (Family Membership) be sure to click the red button“Complete and add another…”. If you are only registering yourself click the green button“Complete , agree to various understandings and proceed to cart”9. Agree to the 2021 OCA waiver and continue10. Review your membership order to be sure everything is correct. Enter your billing details at the bottom and submit your transaction. Once payment is successfully processed you’ll see an on-screen confirmation. You will also receive a receipt, registration confirmation, and OCA confirmation (if applicable) by email. Print this stuff  Be sure to log out when finished your CCN session. You will also see a link to HCC’s Risk Management page which contains  covid rules for our events.
    • For registration assistance contact CCN on or 1.866.534.2453 (during Covid phones do not appear to be manned so leave an instructive message)
    • HCC receives a report of your new membership so we know same day that you are registered. However if you are showing up at an event within 48 hours DO bring your CNN receipt  as proof!
    • If you are an Honourary member  you should receive n e-mail with code password. If not phone or e-mail Membership Secretary (see below) for a special code you will use at checkout to remove the membership portion of your fees.
    • If you already belong to an OCA affiliated club and have paid your current year insurance this will be recognized by the system when you sign in and  your process will be restricted to the club portion. Sorry associate membership are not available during covid restriction must join as full member albeit at our reduced rates.
    • If you are a Master category but wish to ride as a Senior this season that option is available to you. Note HCC Masters category does not kick in till you are 40.
    • If you are a volunteer trail builder or just joining to keep your hubby happy etc and will not be riding in club events race/rec you can join for $25 and insurance is not required. The system will recognize this.
    • Associate members ie riders already members of an OCA affiliated club (or the OCA) who are doing occasional rides/races with HCC can do their joining on line or on the line as in the past.  For the latter they will require proof of OCA insurance.  Please fill out our Associate Members Form before arriving at event so as not to slow down event sign up for others and so you can start warming up sooner!

Questions? Contact our Membership Secretary MartinReid (at) or 905-577-9922 or any member of our executive!

Once again thanks for joining. Its not as complicated as it sounds. We look forward to seeing you on the starting line or one of our social events!