“My face is fine…”: A Cyclo-cross Story

Just finished an email correspondence with HCC member, dad and cyclo-cross newbie Mart Klepp that is worth sharing:

Hi Rob,

Thought I would send you a quick letter on the weekend Sept 11 cyclocross race in St. Catharines. See attached race results. We had 4 people racing Marc Risdale, Chris Eckart, Brett Liersch and myself. Brett ended up in third in the beginner men class with Chris close behind in 5’th. It was a tight race. Marc ended up in 11’th spot in a fast race. In my first ever cyclocross race they stuck me in Master 3 and I ended up getting lapped and ended up in 21’st spot. I have to work harder on the next race and avoid a poor mount that saw me fall with my face into my front tire and dropping my chain.

There was also a kids fun race and my two kids entered. The race was for kids around 8 to 12 years old. The race was one lap around half the track. With about 15 kids starting there was a crash in the first hairpin corner and luckily, or was it skill, my two kids squeezed by on the outside of the crash to start off in 2nd and 3rd. Devin ended up in 2’nd while Julia toughed out a mid field finish. Julia got slowed by Daddy wanting a picture which distracted her on a sharp corner resulting in a crash. Mum is taking pictures next time.

The course was tight with a lot of hairpin turns and some straight runs to build up speed. The day warmed up and the course was dry throughout. They had us go through a pile of wood chips as an obstacle and I was hoping for no punctures and stay on the bike to avoid splinters.

I have some pictures and will send them to you tonight.

Mart Klepp

Very cool thanks for the fun update! Hope your face is OK… I will post to the web when I get the pic!


Hi Rob,

Please see attached pictures of Marc, myself, Devin and Julia.  I never got any shots of Brett or Chris as I was in their dust trails and my wife didn’t really know them to take pictures.

My face is fine, the tire burn went over my chin and onto my lips.  I had two fat lips for a couple of days and my nose is still a little sore.   I have a sore hip and side of leg where I hit the ground as well.  On top of all that, at lunch, I was swatting away some yellow jackets intent on crashing our food when my aging karate reflexes caught a wasp between my fingers.  Needless to say the wasp is dead after stinging me and pumping my finger full of venom.  I was in a foul mood for a while after.  But in hind sight I learned what I have to work on for future races and avoiding wasps.


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