MTB Hill Climb! So this is what granny gears are for…

For months, you’ve been looking at the HCC calendar wondering what this MTB Event (TBA) was going to be. Well, your favourite hill climb team, Kim and Marc, is pleased to present the FIRST EVER HCC MTB HILL CLIMB!

For this one, we’re throwing out the fussy roadie “rules” and deciding the winner from theĀ cumulative time of ALL THREE of your climbs up the last leg of the Dundas Valley’s (in)famous Headwaters trail.

Accessible from the parking area on Martin Road, register by 6:45, Thursday, June 30th, to be a part of this neat new event. We’ll be meeting at the post located at the last fork in the Headwaters trail before the real climbing begins. (I know this is vague but maps of the exact spot are hard to come by so if you need more help, just e-mail me at marcrisdale (at) gmail (dot) com.)

Don’t forget, it costs $2 for members and $5 for affiliates (exact change much appreciated) to get an official result. (Don’t forget that you’re also responsible for any Conservation Area entry fees that may apply.)

If this goes well, we have lots more ideas for the August Championships (yes, there will be a trophy at the Awards Banquet)!

See you there!