Mountain Bike Ontario Trailblazing Festival Coming Soon!

Where will you be on July 16th when history is made at Kelso Conservation Area? At the Trailblazing Festival I hope.

Fortunately, unlike some bike mountain biking events that only have so many spots open for participants, the Trailblazing Festival has no limit. We want every mountain bike in Ontario there; young, old, middle aged; man, woman, child, families; dirt jumper, cross country, downhill; racer, enthusiast, casual. We even want people from beyond Ontario to be there so they can see how great a destination Ontario is for mountain biking.

Who’s going to be there? Here are some of the clubs that have already said they’ll be there:

  • Ottawa MTB
  • Durham Mountain Bike Association (DMBA)
  • Toronto Off-Road Cycling Association (TORBA)
  • Defiant MTB
  • Guelph Off-Road Biking Association (GORBA)
  • Hamilton Cycling Club
  • Waterloo Cycling Club
  • Toronto Bike Network
  • ShortHills Cycling Club
  • London Mountain Bike Club
  • Cancel That $*!%
  • Caledon Cycling Club
  • The Wild Bettys

Is your club on this list? No, why not? Get in touch and let us know you’ll be there. Even if the club can’t come on mass please pass this message along to your members so they can come on their own.

The list of sponsors is still growing. Recently we signed up Pop Chips who will be giving out trial packs. Who else is on board?

  • Silent Sports
  • Hardwood Ski & Bike
  • fi’zi:k
  • Devinci
  • Chico Racing
  • Norco
  • Cannondale
  • Trek
  • Specialized
  • POC
  • GT Bicycles
  • Diesel House Coffee Roasters
  • Creemore Springs
  • Joyride150
  • Cobs Bread
  • Sacred Rides
  • Endo Networks
  • and of course us IMBA Canada

Speaking of Norco, I just got word that they are going to be giving away a 125 street/DJ bike as a prize. Might come in handy if you live in an area with a bike park like Markham, Georgina, or K/W.

Don’t delay, register now and get in on a good thing. $15 is all and that includes park admission. If you wait until the day of you can still come out, but you have to pay park admission on top of the $15 fest fee.

Jason Murray
Representative for Ontario
International Mountain Bicycling Association (Canada) | 647-333-6241 | | |