Members, can you spare a night to volunteer?

This week at the Lynden Rd/Indian Trail time trial, we had 30 riders. The first finisher was just arriving as Martin sent out the last starter, and he had to hustle to get the time recorded, as he was by himself and I was at the turn-around! When we get more riders, this will be a problem – we’ll need three people to run a time trial event: two for timing, and one at the turn-around.

Remember that the Exec are volunteers also, and give more of their time than anyone else. However, we like to participate in time trials and other events ourselves occasionally, so we’d like some help from other Club members.

Last year, due to a lack of volunteers we had to cancel one time trial night, one of our major 40km time trial events AND a road race! So, if you Club members do not want to lose events from the Calendar, pitch in and help us!

If you can help out please contact me at kwilson216(at)