Male Cyclists Needed for Mac Study

High-trained male cyclists (>18 yrs) are needed for a high performance research study at McMaster University.

The study is investigating two different beverages on VO2 and endurance cycling performance. Subjects will drink each beverage for 6 days, with a 2-wk break before ingesting the opposite beverage.

Subjects will report to the lab on Days 1 + 6 for exercise testing. Measurements include: VO2 max testing, 60-min variable intensity ride with 4 blood samples and simulated 10 km time-trial.

All cycling exercise will be performed on the subject’s own road/time trial bicycle (computrainer). Subjects must be available for 6 lab visits (total). Subjects will be remunerated for the time and effort.

If you are interested and fit the subject description (male, highly-trained, >18 yrs old) please contact Dr Cermak for further information.

Dr. Naomi Cermak