June 24 Sydenham Hill Climb Results

Beautiful night for a climb! Congrats to grimpeur Steve Baker for chopping 42 seconds off the club record in the Veteran A category!

1. Steve Baker: 3:23 (new club record?), 5:45, 5:07
2. David Enns: 4:16, 5:13, 4:56
3. Steve McKee: 4:21, 4:46, 5:15
4. Tony DiSilvestro: 4:32, 4:45, 5:00
5. Adrian George: 5:00, 5:18, 7:46
6. Bert Rufenach: 5:14, 5:45, 5:07
7. Sarah Rasmussen: 5:13, 6:51, 5:35
8. Mariah Mommoletti: 7:00, 7:14, 7:14
9. Justin McSpadden: 9:04, 9:32, 10:37

2 thoughts on “June 24 Sydenham Hill Climb Results

  1. bakersk

    “Grimpeur”…..not in S. Ontario. But maybe velocista-alpinista? Thx to the timekeepers for their help in running these events. If anyone wants to give me their East Side Mario’s gift certificate I can make use of it as the restaurant is right around the corner from where I live :->
    PS – I thought that giving an exercise physiology lecture on cycling training might be a good idea for club members. This would be especially relevant to the younger riders who need to, at least on a superficial level, understand what is going on inside their bodies and why.
    If any execs read this stuff let me know.

    1. rfaulkner Post author

      Ha. I took the liberty of calling you a grimpeur, mostly because I like the sound of the word… Hope you eat a lot at East Side Mario’s.. then I’ll stand a chance riding with you uphill 😉

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