HCC Springs at Springbank, Crushes at Kelso!

Sarah Rasmussen got the top step at the 2010 Springbank RR!

Congrats to all the HCC members – most of them in their snazzy Hamilton Cycling Club kit – who raced this weekend.

In the Springbank road race in London, Ont., our very own Sarah Rasmussen topped the podium!

  • Sarah Rasmussen – 1st Junior women
  • Greg Archi – 7th Senior 4 men
  • Steve McKee – 2nd M2

Springbank RR pics.

And in the Kelso┬áSuper D #1 – which is a mass-start sprint MTB format that mixes cross-country with downwhill – HCC riders excelled in this roller-derby on bikes.

  • Kim Jones – 3rd Women
  • Peter Appleton – 2nd Men 25+
  • Marc Risdale – 5th Men 25+

Super D pics.