HCC Results at Opus Epic 8 Hour Spring Relay

Another great weekend for racing, with perfect weather this time for the HCC mountain bike crew at the Opus Epic 8 Hour. With 11 km per lap, the Mansfield course had fast singletrack, doubletrack for passing and climbs to split the pack.
Congrats to HCC riders:
  • Mari Evans, David Beer and Kim Jones: 8th 3-4 Person Mixed
  • John Hargreaves: 37th 3-4 Person Open
  • Marc Risdale: 2nd Solo Single Speed

2 thoughts on “HCC Results at Opus Epic 8 Hour Spring Relay

  1. Johnny H

    Congrats Marc!! Great Job! How many laps did you pull?

    My day was a bit of a disaster. It started out with me being first out for our team, I was scheduled for second. Without any time to warmup, I was really hurting for the first lap (34 mins). One of my team members was called to work, one was OK, and one did one lap and declared that they were done. As a result, I ended up putting in 5 of my teams 9 laps. I brought my 5 year old son to hand with me but he wasn’t having much fun because I was always racing or getting ready to race. So we left at 4:00. However, I had a great day.

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