HCC Membership -On Line Open for Business!

We have finished out testing of the  new on line CCN membership process. Now you can  get your HCC membership, UCI license and OCA insurance by signing into the process via our JOIN page. Have your credit card handy and if you are applying for a UCI license a head and shoulders photo (under 1MB). Membership has gone up slightly ($48 v $45 for adults) to cover the additional processing costs. The others including family membership remain unchanged. Associate members are not included in the “on line” process They will continue to sign up “on the line”! Honourary members need to phone or e-mail our membership Secretary for a code to use at CCN checkout to get  a full credit for the HCC portion of their bill.

Hopefully all will go smoothly! If you need to phone CCN  for issues please share with us so if applicable we can modify our instructions on the JOIN page!