HCC AGM Lunch December 8th

HCC AGM one again being held at Rob Kuruk’s great pizza place The Attic 89 King St E in Stoney Creek. Lunch is on the club! Lots of parking.

Like most of you  your web writer had years of racing serviced by dedicated volunteers.  I’ve been on the executive for 30+ years. We need new blood with new ideas and  we need more hands on deck!. So give  standing for an executive position some serious thought including the notion of “giving back”. We need you and your ideas!

Our President is doing double duty as Secretary. Our Treasurer double duty ass V- President.

Here   is the full roster of positions. Which do you feel you can take on to contribute?

President – currently Marc Risdale
Who shall direct the activities of the club and act as the chair at all meetings of the club including the executive meetings

Vice President 
Who shall assist the president and assume the president’s duties in the president’s absence.

Who shall record the minutes of all club meetings and ensure its entry into the club newsletter as well as attend to the correspondence of the club.

Racing Secretary – currently Brian Chewter
Who shall organize and action any duties or requirements pertaining to all racing within the club.

Touring Secretary
Who shall organize and action any duties or requirements pertaining to all touring within the club.

Recreation Director
Who shall organize recreational and entertainment events for the membership.

Youth Director
Will promote and direct the club youth program

Director at Large
Who shall be part of the executive with an open position. Who will organize and action any duties as they arise.

Newsletter Editor
Who shall publish and distribute periodic newsletters to all members in so far as is possible or otherwise directed by the executive committee.

Treasurer – currently Ken Wilson
Who shall record all financial transactions of the club and be the custodian of the club bank account

Membership Secretary – currently Martin Reid
Who shall encourage membership, maintain membership records and issue membership cards as required. Who shall complete all OCA documents pertaining to membership.

Publicity Officer
Who shall issue directives to the web site, issue press releases as directed by the Executive and generally promote the club.

Web Masters 
Person or persons who maintain the club website.

See you at The Attic! Lets make it a full house!