Go Tell on the Mountain (Bikers)

The Hamilton Cycling Club executive has taken a significant step forward in building its mountain bike initiatives, with a Jan. 13 decision to join the International Mountain Bicycling Association and to add two MTB reps to its executive ranks.

Both motions were voted on at this week’s executive meeting, and received unanimous support from the executive members present. It comes amid discussions between area mountain bikers and HCC about building its MTB work.

At the meeting, the HCC executive considered the IMBA membership and the addition of two executive members as first steps, if the club is to augment its MTB wing. The directors agreed that the future of HCC will include more MTB events, trail-building and advocacy for access to public land.

“There is a perception out there that the club is only for roadies,” explained racing secretary Henry Dudko. “And that is just not true, because so many of us are also riding mountain bikes because it’s a lot fun.”

The decision left mountain bike racer Marc Risdale, who attended the meeting, pleased: “Hamilton has always stood out in southern Ontario for lacking a mountain bike club and we’re really excited that the Hamilton Cycling Club has taken these significant steps towards welcoming a whole new group of riders. We have ambitious plans and we look forward to working with all members in bringing them to fruition.”

There is another meeting between HCC and MTBers coming up at 7 p.m. Jan. 20 at the Winchester Arms pub in Dundas.

5 thoughts on “Go Tell on the Mountain (Bikers)

  1. Dessius

    I can’t do road bikes, but am interested in mountain bikes. Do you have any suggestions for a durable bike that will fit and support a 7 footer that weighs 300 lbs? If I can find a bike, I’d like to start riding with you guys.

  2. Jeff

    Depending on your price range (assuming you are looking to start) I would suggest the something like the NORCO shore series


    These bikes are built tough, with beefier rims, components and frames to handle abuse. T I’m not 100% sure the largest size Frame (22 inch) would be quite large enough for a 7 footer, but you only have to try. As you’ve probably heard more often than not in your life, in that range, you might have to go custom. Check out a local shop, they’ll be willing to help.

  3. Eager

    Just curious as to the outcome of the Jan. 20 meeting and if HCC is progressing forward with MTB riding. Although, I’ve been in a couple Squeezer races, I’m still a novice rider and believe joining the club would be very enjoyable and beneficial to me. My bike (Rocky) is in my basement and stripped to the frame at the moment as I just ordered some new parts, so I’m not in a hurry, but any updates and keeping us MTBers posted about this would be awesome. Definitely gives me something to look forward to.

    1. Henry D.

      The Jan. 20th went very well, and everything is moving forward. We’ll do our best to keep everyone informed. The new H.C.C. forum should also be a good place to check out what’s going on as the MTB activities evolve.

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