Club Events and Covid Rules


The club will follow best practices for the safety of riders as detailed in the OCA Guideline “Progressive Return to Cycling” more specifically section entitled “Guidelines for affiliated clubs and teams”

In conjunction with the foregoing Covid restrictions for as long as they are active, entrants in club events will be restricted to full members. Registration for events will be on line in advance only and for competitive events such as time trials or hill climbs registrants will designate their estimated time to complete the event in order for the organizers to seed the event and advise participants when to arrive. Additionally the OCA may have restrictions on the number of participants and this will be dealt with on a first registered basis. Riders will ride in order slowest to fastest unless the reverse is ordained by the OCA. In that case the club reserves the right to  commence riders at 30 second intervals. No congregating will be permitted before during or after the event and results will be posted on the club web site usually within 24 hours (as opposed to a live announcement which would encourage congregating).

Members will be required to wear a mask when not riding and will be asked to confirm their health status relative to covid issues that will be posted at start line. Those with relevant medical issues will be required to leave the site

Where there is a conflict between these Covid 19 rules and other policies the Covid19 rules will supercede.