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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 WALLPAPER xnys6To all of the amazing riders, supporters, parents and partners out in the HCC community — we hope that your 2013 is the year of constant tailwinds, uphills that feel like downhills, and town-line sprints you can brag about all year long!

Women-only Spin Class

Want to ride inside to keep your legs strong during the off-season? Take the Ride Inside with Bettie, a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor, on Monday and/or Friday mornings from 6-7 am in Downtown Hamilton on Dundurn. You will be challenged with Time Trials, Power Drills, Multiple Climbs, and Group Sprints, and you’ll have fun too. This class is open to female riders from beginners to elite athletes. Classes are safe, fun, and affordable ($10.00 per class when you purchase a session). Contact Bettie today to come try a class this week. or bkloet(at)

Bettie VanGils Kloet

Bike needed for Cuba

We have a rider in Cuba who can use a road bike in decent to good condition. Size 52cm. Need by early December. If you do not have complete bike but have a 52cm frame still interested. Phone Martin Reid 905-577-9922 or email reid.wm(at)gmail

Members, can you spare a night to volunteer?

This week at the Lynden Rd/Indian Trail time trial, we had 30 riders. The first finisher was just arriving as Martin sent out the last starter, and he had to hustle to get the time recorded, as he was by himself and I was at the turn-around! When we get more riders, this will be a problem – we’ll need three people to run a time trial event: two for timing, and one at the turn-around.

Remember that the Exec are volunteers also, and give more of their time than anyone else. However, we like to participate in time trials and other events ourselves occasionally, so we’d like some help from other Club members.

Last year, due to a lack of volunteers we had to cancel one time trial night, one of our major 40km time trial events AND a road race! So, if you Club members do not want to lose events from the Calendar, pitch in and help us!

If you can help out please contact me at kwilson216(at)


Volunteers Needed for Good Friday Road Race

The HCC Good Friday Road Race is less than a month away and still in need of volunteers to help us put on this spring classic on the Ontario cycling calendar.The race is April 22 on a rectangular course at Westover-Strabane in rural Flamborough.

We REALLY would love to find some helpful folks willing to help with driving, marshaling,  registration and more. We will cover fuel costs for drivers.

If you can spare some time on race day, please let us know at marcrisdale(at) Thanks!

Did you know?

By Wayne Atanas

Did You know?
A look at our past using records compiled by former executive members, mostly focusing on riders of the 1970s.

  • …Tom Liptrot was the club Sr. Champion every year from 1952-1967. He continued to win championships in the Vets category in the 1970s.
  • …Tom suffered his first heart attack while racing in the 1976 Vets category race.
  • …Tom Liptrot died while racing in our weekly Thursday Night time trial in 1993.
  • …In 1976, a bus was rented to take 12 HCC members to see the bike races of the Montreal Olympics. It was reported that all had a great time.
  • …Even in the 1970’s, HCC was concerned about the need for club rides. An article stated that of the 13 new members that year seven had no interest in racing.
  • …In 1975, Andy Keyes cycled to Timmins, Ontario to visit friends. The trip took him six days. He was quoted in the paper that he wouldn’t do it again.
  • …John Harmgardt, Hans’ son, was 1970 Ontario Jr. Champion.
  • …In 1978, HCC club membership fees were: Under 16 $3, Sr. 18+ $8, Vet 40+ $8 and Family $12.


Good Friday Road Race Update

Race co-ordinator Marc Risdale writes…

For the past few months, rumours have swirled about the fate of HCC’s venerable Good Friday Road Race. The worst-kept secret may have been its proposed new location: downtown Dundas. While we had the support of the city and area BIA, in the end the cost of policing put that course out of reach… for now.

Undeterred, the HCC will take the 2011 race back to Strabane. We are tweaking things slightly this year to create a ‘furious rectangle’ of 5th Concession West, Westover, Safari and Brock roads. Not to worry, the drumlins you love to hate are still the defining feature of the course.

Easter comes late this year, putting Good Friday on April 22, which all but ensures fantastic weather for Ontario’s only true Spring Classic.

Not sure you want to race? There are plenty of ways to volunteer. We need drivers for each race, registration officials and course marshals. Every volunteer gets a meal, and drivers are reimbursed for their gas.

Not only is Good Friday one of the most anticipated events on the Ontario road race calendar, it is the Hamilton Cycling Club’s main fund raising event. Everyone that takes part, either as a racer or volunteer, makes a significant contribution to our worthwhile programs including youth development and area trail building.

Entering the race is easy, just visit the OCA website ( and click away to your heart’s content. If you’d like to volunteer in any way, just email me at marcrisdale(at) and I’ll find the spot that’s right for you.

Male Cyclists Needed for Mac Study

High-trained male cyclists (>18 yrs) are needed for a high performance research study at McMaster University.

The study is investigating two different beverages on VO2 and endurance cycling performance. Subjects will drink each beverage for 6 days, with a 2-wk break before ingesting the opposite beverage.

Subjects will report to the lab on Days 1 + 6 for exercise testing. Measurements include: VO2 max testing, 60-min variable intensity ride with 4 blood samples and simulated 10 km time-trial.

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