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Covid19 Update

Our racing season would normally commence this May 7th. However group events are not permitted due to Covid19. We chatted with the OCA recently. They have no specific date but are hoping end of July might see an easing of restrictions. Ken and I have given some thought to how our time trials might operate under distancing rules and OCA were of something the same mind but rules are rules at present. Our contact indicated the OCA hope to provide us an update mid May and we will share that with you once we receive. They also mentioned the question of 2020 fees paid and resolution by either reimbursement or credit towards 2021. We suspect would be rider options. The club will be guided similarly.

In the meantime enjoy your trainer or riding solo on our great country roads. Was going to suggest the roads should be nice and quiet but at least out here in Carlisle they are not!

HCC Racing Season

Our racing season  starts May 7th which technically is after the event restriction date of May 3rd set by the CCA and OCA. However given the current progression of Covid19 in the Province and the complications of distancing particularly at registration and starting of our time trials we need to be prepared for that May 3rd date to be extended. We will keep you up to date as April proceeds. In the meantime all the best with your training and we hope you and your families stay safe.

Time to Renew your HCC Membership!

HCC has renewed its affiliation with the OCA and folks can join or renew their membership with the HCC on the CCN web site ! Good news membership has been reduced from $45 to $25 flat (still have to get your OCA insurance). Time Trials this year will have prize money for the top three men and women due to the good offices of our new racing secretary Chris Komar. So join up, start training and HCC racing season starts beginning of May.

Time Trialing for Fun & Profit

Hi everyone,

We have some news about Club membership fees for 2020 and some interesting changes to our Time Trial events this year. 

– The HCC has just paid for our Sanction/OCA Membership Fee for 2020. That means you will be able to go to the CCN website in a week or two to sign-up for your new membership. (depending on any new OCA rules/policy changes for our Club events. We’ll send out an announcement when it’s good to go)  

– We are dropping the individual membership fee from $45.00 to only $25.00. That makes it less for Associates who have membership to another club(s)to join the club as full time members and pay less to ride in our Time Trials. For long time members who have been used to paying only $2.00 (which has never been enough to cover our Club activities/expenses/banquet, etc) that drop in membership will pay for your first five Time Trials…

– The fee for our weekly Thursday Time Trials will be $5.00 for full members and $10.00 for Associates

– Prize Money every week: We will start pay-outs of $60.00, $40.00 and $20.00 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place fastest times for both men and women, based on a minimum of five entrants. Race Director Chris Komar is working on getting some Club Sponsors, and if he is successful the prize money could double: $120.00 $80.00 and $40.00. 

We’re also planning to have special cash prizes for our monthly Saturday 40K Time Trials and possibly for Speed Week.

There will be more changes and announcements to come. We’ll keep you informed.

 We need to boost our membership, so tell your friends and join the Hamilton Cycling Club for 2020.


Ken Wilson  

Award Banquet November 23rd See trophy and Medal winners for 2019 posted

Mark November 23rd on your calendar for our 2019 Awards Banquet!. Check the awards listing for trophy and medal winners this year.

Venues for our annual awards dinner filled-up really early this year., and we couldn’t get a satisfactory date at the Coach and Lantern.Plus, given our shrinking numbers and that fact that these places are expensive to rent-out, we decided to go with something smaller.
So…this year we’re having our little event in the back dining room at the Winchester Arms in Dundas.  It will be a lunch hours function, starting at noon on Saturday November 23rd.Instead of us having to print and sell tickets when we have no idea of how many are coming, you can just let me know if you’re coming and how many guests you may have. It will be $15.00 per person ($10.00 for kids 12 and under) and the Club will pay anything over that amount and you can order from the Menu. (although we’ll ask you to avoid the expensive stuff on the ‘steaks, etc menu! <:-) and you buy your own beer)
So, you can bring cash or send me an EMail Transfer in advance, but please contact me at to let me know if you are coming!
We’ll have the medals and trophies to hand-out to this years winners.Please come out and support the Club to see your friends and celebrate the season.
PSOur Annual General Meeting is on Sat Dec 7th, 2pm at Rob Kuruc’s The Attic restaurant in Stoney Creek. Come on out for lunch and help the Club with some suggestions, complaints, whatever…

Matt Spadafora Wins Speedweek!

It was a tug of war between Matt and Peter Archambeault with Matt winning on Ridge Rd then Peter ahead on Snake. Then Matt bested Sydenham over Peter by two seconds! Meanwhile Tony Morelli defending champion had best overall times on Snake and Sydenham. It came down to the 40k TT at Falkland. Tony was up on Ottawa doing a 200km jaunt so our two lads had to battle it out. In the end Matt did a 57:47 to Peter’s 1:00:46! Well done lads!

Register Now for 2019!

Draft up on web. Registration  up and running for you early birds!

Ken checked with Ayr and we are foiled again perhaps for good with stop signs going in downtown! We have one possible alternate course suggested by Tony to check……..

All Keith’s bikes stolen!

Keith  was our former Treasurer and one time President. Today his entire bike collection got stolen.

Stolen from Burlington Storage Barn on Tuesday night December 18th. between 10.00 pm and 12.00 am.

Look (white) size 50cm equipped with campy equipment .

Willier (red) size 50cm equipped with Shimano ultegra and has deep dish wheels

Marinoni (green)size small equipped with Shimano 105 Scott deep dish wheels

If you see any of the these bikes please contact Keith Oliver 905-335-5178