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New Officers on the HCC Exec!

HCC’s AGM was held Thursday evening over Zoom 11 in attendance.

Dan Edgecumbe came on board as Webmaster. Dan has extensive experience in this field and will be doing a total revamp of the club’s web site

Scheherazade Hague a media expert signed up as our Publicity Director. Getting the word out is one way to expand our membership.

Tony DiSilvestro will be helping wherever we need as Director at Large

Ken Wilson Chris Komar and Martin Reid were re-elected as Treasurer, Racing Director and Membership Secretary respectively.

Long time member Doug Taylor has graciously offered to be our “scribe” that is Secretary. Thanks Doug.

Effective January 2nd Ken Wilson assumed the position of President in lieu of his former position of Vice President. We still have positions to fill.

The meeting discussed where we are and where we should go extensively so hopefully you will see the club expand our activities and events!

HCC AGM November 25th starting at 7pm

If you are a member of HCC you should have received a Zoom invitation to attend.

The club is looking for members to join the executive team. All positions are open but we are specifically looking for folks to fill the following positions. We also want to discuss the clubs future directions.

President – Who shall direct the activities of the club and act as the chair at all meetings of the club including the executive meetings

Secretary – Who shall record the minutes of all club meetings and ensure its entry into the club newsletter as well as attend to the correspondence of the club.

Racing Secretary – Who shall organize and action any duties or requirements pertaining to all racing within the club.

Touring Secretary – Who shall organize and action any duties or requirements pertaining to all touring within the club.

Recreation Director – Who shall organize recreational and entertainment events for the membership.

Youth Director – Will promote and direct the club youth program

Director at Large – Who shall be part of the executive with an open position. Who will organize and action any duties as they arise.

Newsletter Editor – Who shall publish and distribute periodic newsletters to all members in so far as is possible or otherwise directed by the executive committee.

Publicity Officer – Who shall issue directives to the web site, issue press releases as directed by the Executive and generally promote the club.

Web Master – Person or persons who develops & maintain the club website.

If as a member you have not received the Zoom link call Martin Reid 905-577-9922 or by e-mail

2nd Annual Brian Chewter Memorial TT ran Sept 18th at White Swan

19 riders plus friends and family turned out on a beautiful Saturday morning to try and break the record set last year by Gee. Race is informally sponsored by PJ Express who along with the club and a couple donors handed out Over $1,000 in prizes for fastest a\man and women,

Photos the even can be found through our Photo link on the web or directly at

Season Extends Through September

Check the club calendar. We will be running 15km TTs on Indian Trail and Safari Saturday mornings first off at 10:00am. On Sept 18th we will be running the 2nd Annual Brian Chewter Memorial Race with prizes for men and women rumoured to run to 7th place with prizes up to $500 courtesy of Chris Komar (aka PK Express!)

Club Events and Covid Rules


The club will follow best practices for the safety of riders as detailed in the OCA Guideline “Progressive Return to Cycling” more specifically section entitled “Guidelines for affiliated clubs and teams”

In conjunction with the foregoing Covid restrictions for as long as they are active, entrants in club events will be restricted to full members. Registration for events will be on line in advance only and for competitive events such as time trials or hill climbs registrants will designate their estimated time to complete the event in order for the organizers to seed the event and advise participants when to arrive. Additionally the OCA may have restrictions on the number of participants and this will be dealt with on a first registered basis. Riders will ride in order slowest to fastest unless the reverse is ordained by the OCA. In that case the club reserves the right to  commence riders at 30 second intervals. No congregating will be permitted before during or after the event and results will be posted on the club web site usually within 24 hours (as opposed to a live announcement which would encourage congregating).

Members will be required to wear a mask when not riding and will be asked to confirm their health status relative to covid issues that will be posted at start line. Those with relevant medical issues will be required to leave the site

Where there is a conflict between these Covid 19 rules and other policies the Covid19 rules will supercede.

Racing Season Starts on Safari June 24th! (UPDATE)

As with last year you must be a full member oif HCC to enter an HCC event. Registration is strictly on line by e-mailing preferably two days prior to event including initially your estimate finish time. Ken will then seed riders for your start times. Rides will be starting two minutes apart to minimize passing (covid). Entry fee is $2 and we suggest riders pay for say 5 rides at a time by e-mail. Results will not be announced after the finish but rather will be posted on the HCC web pages – usually the same night.

Chris Komar will be underwriting cash awards for 1st and 2nd place and the club likely will be offering likewise for 3rd place.

If you have fever, chills, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat or runny nose, loss of taste, nausea, pink eye, headache or very tires sore muscles please stay home, get tested and/or contact your Dr. You will be asked to confirm the absence of the foregoing at the TT.

Covid and Riding (Update)

Canadian Cycling Magazine has posted a useful article on the new lock down rules as it impacts the cycling community including some legal info.

No group rides or races and even solo rides should be within your health unit area (article provides a link).

Our HCC calendar starts May 6th but with lockdown extending through May and June we are looking at early July at earliest. Sorry folks! We will likely extend our TT season through September to partially make up as we did last year.

Passing of Wayne Atanas

Wayne was President of HCC for several years and has family donated the Jennine Atanas Memorial trophy (daughter) awarded to the rider demonstrating dedication, perseverance and good sportsmanship for the year. Wayne developed heart problems ultimately determined to relate to Parkinson’s and gradually had to withdraw from club activities. He was a keen Time trialist

Wayne’s funeral service will take place Tuesday March 9th at 11am. Actual attendance is restricted to family due to covid19 but the service will be streamed





Registration for joining or Renewal

Finally we are live. Go to our join page for link to CCN with updated instructions including Covid aspects. Be sure to check our Risk Management Policy page for current process for registering for TTs etc. Good news with restricted calendar our membership fee remains at last year’s reduced $25. See you all in May and stay fit and well!