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Bike Movie Seeks $30,000 in Crowd-funding to Get It Done!

What does it take to create a great bike city? Better planning, better building and better education. Money and a willingness to invest it in cycling. Most of all, it requires politicians, planners, engineers and voters to believe it is both possible and worth the effort.

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If you think it’s worth the effort, please consider a donation to help produce Bike City, Great City, an informative, crowd-funded film that promotes the values of urban cycling. This independent documentary will show how any city that encourages cycling by making it easier and safer becomes a more vibrant, attractive and healthier city for everyone.

David Chernushenko, Ottawa city councillor and cyclist, has already assembled considerable research, interviews and film footage to demonstrate the benefits of cycling as a way to improve our quality of life, encourage better health, reduce congestion and save tax dollars. Now, we are calling on people who consider cycling an important aspect of a sustainable future to help us complete this 30-minute film in time for a world premiere in late May 2013.

Visit to see a preview of Bike City, Great City and to make a donation online. Canadian residents are eligible to receive a tax receipt from our partner organization, Tucker House, which is collecting the funds on our behalf.

David has directed two previous films on sustainability and energy issues: Be the Change (2008) explores the challenges and rewards of trying to live more lightly. Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010) examines alternatives to conventional energy systems. He is directing Bike City, Great City in his capacity as city councillor in order to promote the universal benefits of active transportation and better city building, and is doing so in consultation with the City of Ottawa’s Integrity Commissioner. He will receive no fee for his work on the film, and is not personally soliciting funding either in his capacity as councillor or as a private citizen, given the difficulty of distinguishing between the two.

Ontario Wants Input on Cycling Strategy

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is looking for input on its Draft Cycling Strategy — and we hope HCCers share their voice. Details from the province are below, and a link to the strategy.

The Strategy describes what the Ontario Government is currently doing to encourage cycling, as well outlining what the Ministry will do to further advance it. The Strategy aims to provide a policy framework that will:

  • Enhance cycling infrastructure in the province
  • Enhance cycling safety through education and legislation
  • Ensure relevancy through monitoring, researching and coordination

The Strategy is intended to replace the Ministry’s Bicycle Policy, which was released in 1992.

In addition to the internal work the Ministry has completed, the recommendations of the recently released Cycling Death Review from the Chief Coroner of Ontario have been considered, and a number of them have been incorporated into the Strategy. These include:

  • Providing the purchasers of bicycles with cycling safety information,
  • Initiating consultations on legislative and/or regulatory changes regarding cycling on paved shoulders,
  • Public education for drivers and cyclists, in collaboration with road safety organizations,
  • Updating the Driver Handbooks to enhance the safety of all road users, including cyclists,
  • Reviewing and updating the Highway Traffic Act to improve cycling safety, and
  • Leading the identification of a province-wide cycling network.

Read more about the policy consultation here

Province Wants Input on Cycling Strategy

From the Ontario government website today:

Ontario Moves Forward on Cycling Strategy
McGuinty Government Improving Road Safety
November 30, 2012 10:00 am
Ministry of Transportation

Ontario is looking for public input on how to encourage and improve cycling safety across the province.

A draft cycling strategy has been released for public feedback until Jan. 29, 2013. It outlines potential improvements to cycling infrastructure, public education and legislation, including:

  • Creating a provincial cycling network to connect destinations and establish recreational cycling and tourism routes.
  • Supporting municipalities in the development of local cycling networks, including making cycling infrastructure eligible for funding under the Municipal Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Running public education campaigns with cycling safety partners such as Share the Road, the Canadian Automobile Association and EnviroCentre.
  • Updating the Driver’s Handbook to include better guidelines for cycling and sharing the road with other vehicles.
  • Providing cycling safety and bike maintenance information with any new bike sold.
  • Consulting with the public, cycling groups and municipalities on possible amendments to the Highway Traffic Act to support cycling.

Supporting cycling is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to enhance quality of life for Ontario families and ensure a strong, green economy for future.

Quick Facts
Between 1988 and 2009, cyclist fatalities were down 70 per cent and major injuries were down 64 per cent.
During the spring, summer and fall, about 630,000 Ontarians cycle on a daily basis.
About two million Ontarians ride a bike at least once a week during spring, summer and fall.

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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Oct. 6

IMBA will celebrate its eighth-annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD) on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012. This is a great opportunity for you to share your passion for pedalling with kids!

TKMBD is an annual celebration held on the first Saturday of October. The event, developed and coordinated by IMBA, strives to encourage communities around the world to join together and ride mountain bikes with youth. Last year, we had more than 13,000 participants at hundreds of events across the globe, including: Australia, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa. Informal or formal, with one child or one hundred, TKMBD events celebrate the joy of riding in the dirt. Continue reading

CC and Cafe Domestique Raise $1,700 for IMBA and OCA


Photo: Canadian Cyclist

Some awesome news to share, from Canadian Cyclist:

Dundas-based Cafe Domestique and Canadian Cyclist are pleased to announce that $1700 was raised at the Toronto Bike Show earlier this month for IMBA Canada and the Ontario Cycling Association Youth Road program.

For the second year in a row, Canadian Cyclist partnered with Krys Hines of the cycling coffee bar Cafe Domestique at the Toronto Bike Show in early March to offer espresso shots in return for donations to either local trail building efforts by IMBA Canada or the OCA Youth Road program. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Jet Fuel coffee, who donated the coffee beans that were used to create the excellent espresso that was served. Donations could be directed specifically to either program, with the OCA Youth program receiving $1000 in donations, and IMBA Canada getting $700. The IMBA donations will be primarily directed towards Christie Lake trail construction in the Dundas area.

“The level of contributions we received exceeded all expectations,” commented Rob Jones, Editor of Canadian Cyclist. “Last year, we raised a total of $500, and we were hoping to double that. Instead we more than tripled the amount donated. We want to thank all the show visitors and the exhibitors who made it possible to raise this money for cycling programs.”

“It was so great to see the cycling community come together and support programs like these,” said Krys Hines, owner of Cafe Domestique. “Anything we can do to help get people riding bikes is important. This just means that we will raise the bar even higher for next year.”

“Cafe Domestique and Canadian Cyclist truly embody the generous nature of the cycling community. IMBA Canada is grateful to both, for their support of the trail building efforts at Christie Lake, as well as the broader mission of creating more and better trail experiences for mountain biking nationwide. Together, we are creating a single track legacy that will be enjoyed for years to come.” said Lora Woolner, IMBA Canada Executive Director.

In response to this great news, HCC MTB rep and stalwart Christie Lake trailbuilder Marc Risdale said: “Many thanks to Krys Hines (of Cafe Domestique fame) and Canadian Cyclist for raising $500 in donations to benefit the Hamilton Cycling Club’s trail building initiative at Christie Lake Conservation Area. The money will be put to good use in preparing the next few kilometers of trail for the Club’s next big build day on May 19.”

Hamilton Velodrome Pledge

The Hamilton Velodrome Campaign Cabinet is dedicated to raising private sector donations in support of the development of a Velodrome to host the 2015 Pan Am Games and beyond. This pledge form provides the opportunity to demonstrate your support of this exciting initiative. At this time, we are seeking your commitment to help us showcase our community’s support. We will contact you directly to confirm your commitment, once the decision on the Velodrome has been announced.

Find related news from the Hamilton Spectator here.

Mountain Bike Ontario Trailblazing Festival Coming Soon!

Where will you be on July 16th when history is made at Kelso Conservation Area? At the Trailblazing Festival I hope.

Fortunately, unlike some bike mountain biking events that only have so many spots open for participants, the Trailblazing Festival has no limit. We want every mountain bike in Ontario there; young, old, middle aged; man, woman, child, families; dirt jumper, cross country, downhill; racer, enthusiast, casual. We even want people from beyond Ontario to be there so they can see how great a destination Ontario is for mountain biking.

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