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 2009 Calendar 

If you are not currently a full member of the HCC note the following rules in compliance with directives from the OCA

Associate membership class. This class is available to:

1)     Members, in good standing, of another O.C.A. affiliated club and having paid the O.C.A. insurance fee.

                        2) Riders, in good standing, possessing a current season  O.C.A. racing license.

The associate membership shall be at a cost of Two Dollars ($5.00) to the applicant, and any levies imposed by the O.C.A. on the H.C.C. as a result of this membership shall be borne by the applicant.

The H.C.C. reserve the right to rescind this membership at its discretion and there shall be no appeal . The decision shall be final.

The Associate Member shall be entitled to participate in all club events.

The said member shall not have club voting rights, be ineligible to compete in all club championships , and shall not receive any of the benefits available to Full club members (e.g. club newsletter, racing uniforms, etc).

The applicant for this membership will be required to complete a H.C.C. application form and provide proof of current membership in another OCA club and/or a current OCA racing license and signed waiver form.

On acceptance of the application, an Associate Membership card will be issued. The said card will be a different colour from the Full Membership card.

The Associate membership shall be for the current year racing season and shall terminate at 11.59 p.m. on 31 December.

Note: Event fees for Associates raised to $5 April 30 2006

Winning Trophies

Here are the events you have to enter to be eligible for the club's various trophies. Medals are also awarded for 1st,  2nd & 3rd place. To see past winners and pictures of most of the trophies visit our trophy page. Obviously the more eligible events you enter the more points you pick up. If you miss more than one eligible event you are disqualified in the TTC regardless of points. For the BAR 3 of 5 events (3 of 4 for Cadets) must be completed.

Senior Best All Rounder (BAR) is awarded on a points basis (1st=10points etc) for results in the Senior 15km TTC, 40km TT (Hogben), 40 & 100km RR & the Hill Climb

The Womens' BAR is awarded on a points basis for results in the Womens' 15km TTC, 40km TT (Hogben), 40 & 100km RR & the Hill Climb

Junior BAR is awarded on a points basis for the Junior 15km TTC,  40km TT  (Hogben)& the 40km & 100km RR & the hill climb

Cadet BAR is awarded on a points basis for results 15KM TTC, THE 40KM Hogben TT & the 40km RR + the hill climb

The Seniors' Time Trial Championship (TTC) & the Veteran Mens' are awarded on points basis for 15km TTC, 40km TT (Hogben) & 40km TT (Nella). The Veterans' is handicapped .06 sec per year over 40

Womens'  & Veteran Womens' TTC are awarded on a points basis for results in the two 15km TTCs (men's & women's) & the 40km TT (Hogben). Vet women receive a handicap of .06 sec per year over 40

Junior TTC is awarded under the same format as the womens'.

There are also trophies for the winner of each of the Nella 40km TT, Hogben 40km TT and Andy Keyes Century RR. There are also trophies for fastest 15km TT and Most Improved Rider (assessed by executive)

To qualify for any trophy you must be a full member prior to entering the event or in the case of BAR TTC etc the earliest event that will permit you to complete sufficient events. 

Oakville CC    Brampton CC

Be sure to phone one of our executive if in doubt event will run due to weather! We usually decide on the line unless its truly horrible.

HCC reserves the right to make any changes considered necessary without prior notification

Date Event Location Description Open to -
Sun March 1 - April 5th Road Groups Contact Chris K Training rides all members
Friday April 10th

9:00am - 4:30pm

Good Friday RR  Brock & 5th Conc, Flamborough


18.5km circuit mostly flat with 5 short hills  OCA/UCI licensed riders

Day Licenses available at course 

May Sprockids Ancaster learn to ride programme sponsored by City of Hamilton run by HCC youth 8-12 application through Ham Rec Dept


starting May 14th  - every 2nd Thursday till Aug 20th

Start 7pm 

Register 6:30pm



Sydenham Hill Climb  

sydenham_hill_map.jpg (72481 bytes)

Google Map

approx 100 metre climb over 1km (x3!)

Best of three climbs

Results will be tabulated and prizes or medals awarded at the end of the season for the top three in major cats incl assoc members


 members & associate members

Fee $5 per night for  associates 



May 5th - till Aug  28th

Reg 6:30pm

1st off 7pm

15km Time Trial

Will be held at White Swan 

White Swan Rd

WhiteSwan map.jpg (29950 bytes)



Race against yourself. 

White Swan -Out & back course. An interesting winding course - some gradation  (60 metres) - good surface.

Club riders

Associate members

There is a $1 fee for members & $5 for assoc members

starting May 20 - every 2nd Wednesday till Aug 30th (except July 1)
Mountain Bike Riding Hamilton 5/20, 6/17, 7/29, 8/30
St Catherines 6/3, 7/15, 8/12
Check out our Youth web page Members - Contact Denise Johnson for locations and to can fit your skill levels etc. Must join HCC to participate
June 6th

1st Group 9:00am

2nd Group 9:07

Scratch Group 9:20


Ayr  RR Australian Pursuit based on merit for members & assoc riders club can assess




Google Map

Meets at start/finish

48km  hilly  12km circuit

Reg, parking start at top of hill on Swan St

Club & associate members

$1 for full members $5 for Associates

June 20th


Register 8:30am

40km Time Trial

 TTC,  Nella Trophy

Only full members can win the trophy


image_map.gif (20452 bytes)

Note above map start error. Start at Hendershot not Woodbury

Google Map

Hwy 65 at Hendershot Rd  park on Hendershot

1st road 2km east of main intersection of "downtown" Binbrook

Flat straight course Surface is excellent except 12-15km which has some variations in road surface and occasional longways cracks and lesser extent corresponding 25-28km

Out & back turn is around #16 on map

Club & assoc members
July 18th

8:40am 1st group 9:00 am 2nd Group & 9:20am 3rd Group

Park on side road at start finish (top of hill on Swan St). Register closes 10 minutes before each cat

100km Road Race 

Andy Keyes Trophy




image_map.gif (13725 bytes) course

Google Map

11km Circuit road race 9 laps

Australian Pursuit. 3 groups. Rider may apply for appropriate group but racing scty will have final say! Time gaps may be adjusted depending on riders prowess!

rolling hills - climb to start/finish

Club members & assoc

Trophy  to be won by 1st club member across the line

Associate riders must ride in scratch group (3rd group) Unless skills well know to Timekeeper

July 23 (Thur)


Reg 6:30pm

Snake Rd Hill Climb - time trial




Meet/start Foot of Snake (cemetery) RR27 & 403 . Ends just past Nun's Residence and before wooden "hump" rail bridge (see right). We may decide to extend climb to park in Waterdown an additional 0.6km

Approx 3.4 km (may extend to 4.0) easy grade hill climb to Waterdown. Will be warm up run.snake1.jpg (25823 bytes) snake2.jpg (50498 bytes) snake3.jpg (89321 bytes)  Total climbing 116 metre or 140 metre Club & Assocs
August 15th (Sat)

9am 40km

Reg before 8:50am

40km TT

Hogben Trophy

40 km event for TTC Sr & Vet


From 403 going west exit Hwy 24 South  (exit 27) - but turn north on Rest Acres Rd to Hwy 2. Do not take Hwy 24 North exit in Brantford - you must cross the Grand River

Start is just east of Falkland on Hwy 2 at "Falkland" sign

Mostly flat with a couple of grade areas good surface. Course on Prov Hwy 2 to edge of Eastwood. Turn 50 metres before entry sign for Eastwood right opposite little red church

Falkland_course.jpg (131151 bytes)

All members incl Assoc members. Trophy reserved for full members

Aug 11th 

7pm reg 6:30pm

Club 15km Time Trial 

15km event forTTC - Senior & Vet men & 2nd 15km for categories that require 2 15km for TTC or BAR

White Swan


Out & back  

All members

August 18th

7pm (reg 6:30pm)

15 km Time Trial

TTC  women, cadets & juniors 

White Swan



Time Trial  

Club members & assocs

Championship full member restricted

Sept 3rd (Thur)

6:30pm Reg 6pm

parking at bottom on Johnson Rd

Hill Climb


Weir Lane, Flamborough  (road runs between Hwy 399 & Hwy 8 3km west of Dundas on 399 or east edge of West Flamborough on 8)



Start just in from 99

Approx 1.2km climb 100 metres elevation = average 8% grade ranging to 17%
Do 1 climb or up to three to get your best time
Club Members & associates
Sept 20th Sunday


Valley Park Cyclocross Valley Park

Valley Park (Mud & Paramount)  


 4km circuit 


 $25  Entry

License or XCross Season lic required

Minime on up

Nov 7th

5:00pm - 9pm

Awards Banquet Collins Hotel
King St, Dundas
Awards at 8:00pm


Club members & Guests
Tickets $15 for members $30 for guests includes buffet dinner

Nov 28th

Noon - 3pm

Annual General Meeting DiMaggios
Upper Ottawa, Hamilton
Includes a free brunch & Beer/Coffee! Club members only
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