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Founded in 1881, the Hamilton Cycling Club is an amateur club in Hamilton, Ontario with more than 70 members.

We are one of the few cycling clubs in the area that runs weekly time trials.

What is a time trial?

A time trial is a race against the clock. Each rider sets off on their own at one minute intervals. The objective is to see in how quickly you can complete the course. By returning to the same courses, you'll be able to see your progress over the course of the season, and from year to year.

How long is the course?

Our weekday evening races are typically on 15km courses. At weekends, we have 20km and 40km time trials. They are designed on an out and back basis, and vary from relatively flat to more hilly.

Can I ride with a friend?

Feel free to invite a friend to come along too to watch. If they want to take part in the race, they will have to join the club. During the race itself you are on your own. Riders cannot ride near another rider except to pass.

Do I need a special bike?

No. You can ride on any roadworthy bicycle. Although some riders invest in fancy equipment (aerobars, pointy helmets, disc wheels) in an effort to go faster, this is not necessary.

I'm worried I'll be too slow

Many of our riders come out just for the exercise. Although our very best riders may exceed 40kph average, for most mere mortals we are only racing against our own previous times.

But riding by myself seems so boring

You're not really by yourself - just competing against yourself. The race starting times are carefully designed so that you'll have the person ahead of you in your sights to try and catch, and the person behind you breathing down your neck to keep you pedaling hard to the end! There is a great deal of camaraderie and a tremendous sense of accomplishment after the race.



Six things you need to know about Derek Gee

May 18, 2023 Submitted by Daniel Edgcumbe

The 25-year old Israel Premier Tech rider from Ottawa is currently racking up an impressive palmares with 2 podium finishes so far in the Giro D’Italia – extraordinary achievements at a very early stage in his professional career.

You can read the first five here (care of Canadian Cycling Magazine).

The sixth thing you should know is that last year in one of Hamilton Cycling Club’s time trials, he smashed the course record on our 15km White Swan course with a time of 18:01.

You don’t have to be a pro cyclist to ride with Hamilton Cycling Club – all are welcome, particularly beginners or those newer to the sport – but you might just find yourself riding with the next up-and-coming cycling star (or perhaps more accurately, being passed by one) in one of our events!

Clip in for this week’s races: 15km time-trial and NEW criterium!

May 13, 2023 Submitted by Daniel Edgcumbe

This week, our cycling club has two thrilling events coming up. You’ll need to be a member of the club to take part – it’s easy to join through the website.

On Tuesday, we have a 15km time trial at Indian Trail that will test your endurance and leave you feeling like you’ve climbed a mountain. But with the support of our cycling community, you’ll feel like you have a tailwind pushing you to your personal best.

And on Thursday, we’re taking on a new challenge with a Criterium Race. It’s a unique opportunity to show off your handling skills and take part in bunch racing. Criterium races consist of a set number of laps/set time, and pace builds over the race. By the end it’ll get pretty spicy! We’ve got a safe course with no through-traffic. Our volunteers will guide you through the course and ensuring your safety like. And if you’re feeling hesitant, just remember – every great cyclist was once a beginner who took a leap of faith and started pedalling.

So come join us and ride like the wind, pushing your limits and discovering what you’re truly capable of – we promise it will be a ride like no other, leaving you feeling like you’ve won a Grand Tour stage. Allez!

Wheels Turning and Hearts Pumping: On The Rivet at Binbrook

Submitted by Daniel Edgcumbe

The Hamilton Cycling Club’s first 20/40K Time Trial of the season took place on a beautiful day in Binbrook. The weather was perfect for the six riders who participated. The results are posted on the club’s website under “Results”.

Dan Lundenberg set a personal best in the 20K, finishing with a time of 29:33. Meanwhile, Jude Szabo came very close to breaking the Club Record for the 40K, clocking in at 51:06 with an average speed of 47.04kph, just 14 seconds off the existing record set by Geoff Haydt in 2016. However, the season is still young, and Jude will have more chances to try and break the record.

First time trial of the season: Tuesday 2 May

April 30, 2023 Submitted by Daniel Edgcumbe

Attention all cycling enthusiasts! Hamilton Cycling Club is gearing up for an exciting season, and we’re starting things off with a bang! Our first Time Trial of the season is happening this coming Tuesday evening, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Join us for an epic ride on the 14.5 k Lynden Road Rd/Indian Trail course. This route is relatively straight and offers a thrilling challenge to riders of all levels. Starting in Brantford, the route takes you east on Brantford’s Lynden Road into Ancaster along Indian Trail Road, and turns near Ancaster’s Lynden Road before going back west to the start in Brantford again. You can view the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/2704164

You don’t need to register in advance, but you must be a member of the club. Sign-on will be from 6.30pm, with the time trial itself starting at 7pm.

Now, we know that the weather forecast doesn’t look very promising, with these cloudy, cool rainy days continuing. But not to worry, Martin and Ken will be there to officiate no matter what. This happened last year on the first evening, but we went the whole season after that without one Tuesday cancellation for weather. So, don’t let a little rain stop you from experiencing the thrill of the ride.

We’re also excited to welcome new members to the club, and we can’t wait to meet you all! If you haven’t joined the club already, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to join a community of like-minded cycling enthusiasts and take your cycling experience to the next level.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Martin at martinreid@fastmail.com or Ken at kowilson447@gmail.com. We hope to see you all there for an unforgettable ride!

Hamilton Cycling Club: Your Questions Answered!

April 24, 2023 Submitted by Daniel Edgcumbe

  • Do I need a special bike/equipment?

No – any standard road bike will do. If you want to get fancy with aerobars/disc wheels/skinsuits you’ll be in good company, but we usually have a good number of folks competing ‘Mercxk’ style on regular road bikes (and indeed they are categorized separately in the results).

  • How do I register for ‘try-out’ sessions

We don’t have any try-out sessions planned as yet – keep an eye on the website. Last year this was a special initiative from Ontario cycling.

  • Do I need to sign up in advance or can I just turn up?

No need to register in advance, but make sure you show up at least 30 minutes before the start to check in. You do need to be a registered member of the club – so bring along confirmation of this, especially if it’s your first event.

  • If the weather is bad, do events still go ahead?

The President will make a judgement call on the day and send an email out ahead of time if the event is cancelled.


Here are the club's scheduled events.
Detailed instructions and course maps for specific races are below.

Event Notes Map
Ayr 44km Road Race Four laps of an 11km course. Starts at top of Swan St @ Burnside. Route goes toward Paris, turns right on Drumbo, then right on Burns Oxford and then right onto Piper into Ayr then right onto Swan again. Inactive due to multiple stop signs Location Route
Ayr 100km Road Race Route is nine laps same as per 44km race. Inactive Location Route
Harrisburg 40km Road Race 3 laps of 13km course. Start at Conc 2 and Lynden Rd rolling terrain then drops down into valley with stiff climb up to intersection Route climbs up to Hwy 5 then 5 to Lynden Rd turning right again onto Conc 2. start/finish On our wish list! Location Route
Andy Keyes Harrisburg 94km Road Race 7 laps of 13km course. Location Route
Binbrook 20km/40km TT Starts Binbrook Road at Westbrook (5 km east of Hwy 56). Out & back starting eastbound on Binbrook Rd. Moved from Hendershot due to high traffic volume first 5km Location Route
Falkland 20km/40km TT Parking and registration at Pelton Brothers Trucking at 2 Brant County Rd Highway 2.drive west about 400 meters, just past the intersection at Puttown/Falkland Road. Look for the address sign for the house at # ‘2’ on the right and go to the second driveway. There is a parking lot and commercial building there where we can park. Start/Finish about 900 metres east of there. Exit 403 on Hwy 24 S turn right on #24 then left on Powerline two concessions then turn right on Bishops Gate to K Edward. Turn left and drive west about 400 meters, just past the intersection at Puttown/Falkland Road. Look for the address sign for the house at #2 on the right and go to the second driveway. There is a parking lot and commercial building there where we can park Location Route
Indian Trail 14.5km TT Start approx. at Lynden Road and Garden Ave, Brantford. Turn around is 7.2km east on Indian Trial just before the Hamilton side of Lynden Road Location Route
Safari Road 15.4km TT Start approx. 20m from the intersection of Safari and Brock. Turn around at the 70km sign just past Valens Road. Route
White Swan 15km TT Start is on White Swan Rd about 100 metres in from Highway 2 (Colborne St which is continuation of Wilson St) and 4km west of Alberton. Park at Cravo Equipment in designated area Location Route
Ridge Road 15km TT 15km time trial Route
Snake Hill Climb Start where Snake is closest to the 403 and go until just before the wooden bridge as you enter Waterdown Location Route
Sydenham Hill Climb Start approx. 5m from Alma and Sydenham beside the school. Up to the merge traffic sign at the top. Course Distance 1.3km Route
Weirs Lane Hill Climb Starts corner of Johnstone Ave/Weir’s Lane just off Governor’s Rd. Finish at Reformed Church 100 metres before Hwy 8 Location Route

Event photos (from 2006 onwards) by Martin Reid, Chris Komar and Ken Wilson can be found on ZenFolio.

Photos can be downloaded and prints can be bought at cost (no markup).


We'd love to hear from you!

Hamilton Cycling Club Executive (2022/2023)

Ken Wilson, President
Doug Taylor, Secretary
Vacant Youth Director/Coach
Martin Reid, Membership Secretary
Ken Wilson, Treasurer
Chris Komar, Racing Director
Scheherazade Haque, Publicity Officer
Dan Edgcumbe, Webmaster
Tony DiSilvestro, Director at Large

Email us using contact@hamiltoncycling.com

This is where you'll find all the official/administration information related to the club.

Risk Management Policy

Hamilton Cycling Club. 2023

This Risk Management Policy covers all relevant activities of the Hamilton Cycling Club and follows closely the Ontario Cycling Association guidelines for club activities.

Club Activities:
A club activity is defined as a bicycle activity including but not restricted to a road race, a criterium, a time trial, a pursuit, and a track meet. It also includes training rides and club tours. The Hamilton Cycling Club acknowledges that if it wishes to run either road races (other than Australian Pursuit) or criteriums under the clubs umbrella it is required to submit an Event Permit Application to the Sport Coordinator at the OCA.

These activities are primarily for the benefit of club members. Except for a sanctioned race, participants must be members, in good standing, of the said club. Event organizer will have an up to date membership sheet in his/her possession at commencement of the event.

A rider signed up as an Associate Member shall be eligible to ride in a club event at the club discretion so long as he or she is a member in good standing of the OCA (Ontario Provincial Race License / UCI licence holder) or a club affiliated with the OCA (must provide proof of membership via current club membership card of an OCA affiliated club). The club will ensure per above that the majority of members in an event shall be full club (as opposed to Associate Members) members.

All club activities must be registered with the Ontario Cycling Association with the proper affiliation documents before the event and have the approval of the club executive. The relevant waiver forms must be completed, signed and dated before the event and held on file by the Ontario Cycling Association. Associate forms will be obtained prior to the event and forwarded to the OCA in a timely fashion. The club will retain a copy of these waivers.

A team of competent officials appointed by the club will directly supervise racing type activities which have been approved by the OCA. These officials shall include, but not be limited to, a registrar, a timekeeper, a starter, marshals, first aid personnel, etc. The same individual may perform more than one duty (e.g.: a marshall and a first aid person). These officials will ensure rules regarding bicycle components and rider attire etc as outlined by the OCA/CCA/UCI are complied with.

Specifically for training rides and tours, the club will designate a group leader who will be responsible for the group conduct. The group leader will be required to have or ensure a rider with the ride has a cell phone to call for medical or other help.

The Group leader will ensure all riders in a ride are wearing ANSI approved helmets. Riders are expected to ensure their bikes are in good and safe running order. Where twenty or more riders show up for a group ride the group leader will split the riders into two or more smaller groups.

In the event that there are insufficient officials, the activity shall be cancelled and participants asked to leave the general area. It is not permitted to hold an 'unofficial' activity with the participants.

Sanctioned Events:
A sanctioned race shall be organized by the club under the auspices of the Ontario Cycling Association with the appropriate insurance coverage, paperwork and city and police approvals. The club shall designate a team of officials to oversee the race (including Commissaires as appointed by the OCA). This team will be staffed with personnel as demanded by the type of race. The race shall be open to all club members, in good standing and possessing a current racing license and all others complying with the rules and regulations of the OCA/CCA/UCI the governing bodies of the sport of cycling in Canada. The Commissaires will ensure rules regarding bicycle components and rider attire etc as outlined by the OCA/CCA/UCI are complied with.

All club activities will obey the rules of the road (as laid out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and local area bylaws) and any rider not complying (upon first warning) will be immediately expelled from the activity. The same will apply to riders observed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or items that may influence their judgement. The expulsion shall be final with no appeal procedure.

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered as required. An accident report will be prepared and sent to the Ontario Cycling Association within 48 hours of the incident. The report should contain details of the accident with names and addresses of the individuals involved, the names and addresses of witnesses and if possible photographs of injuries, damaged property and the general area of the accident. This report will be filed in the club records and a copy registered with the Ontario Cycling Association for future reference.

The Club reserves the right to cancel any club activity in poor weather and will cancel any activity if lightning is sighted.

Hamilton Cycling Club


Hamilton Cycling Club. 2017
A copy of the club's constitution can be downloaded here.

Membership Policy

“Organization” refers to: The Hamilton Cycling Club

The purpose of this Policy is to describe the application, rights, conditions and obligations for membership within the Organization.
Scope and Application
This policy applies to all Members as defined in the Organization’s Bylaws.
Membership Year and Dues
Membership within the Organization is granted upon an annual basis and will terminate on December 31st of each year, subject to re-registration in accordance with this Policy and the Organization’s Bylaws. Membership dues are established annually at the discretion of the Organization’s Board of Directors.
Renewal of Membership
No Member will be accepted or renewed as a Member, unless:
  • The potential Member has made an application for membership in a manner prescribed by the Organization
  • The potential Member has agreed to comply with, and meets the requirements of, the Organization’s Bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations
  • The potential Member has paid membership dues owing from any previous membership period
  • If, at the time of applying for membership the potential Member is a Member in Good Standing as defined in this Policy, unless approved otherwise by the Board
  • The potential Member meets the requirements listed in the Organization’s Bylaws and in this Policy.
Minimum Requirements for Renewal
Potential Members must comply with the following minimum requirements to maintain and renew membership with the Organization: Submit the following applicable information:
  • Rider Category
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender identity
Good Standing
A Member of the Organization will be in good standing provided that the Member:
  • Has not ceased to be a Member;
  • Has not been suspended or expelled, or had other restrictions or sanctions imposed;
  • Has completed and remitted all documents, fees and payments as required by the Organization;
  • Has complied with the Bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Organization;
  • Is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by the Organization or the OCA, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Board;
  • and Has paid all required membership dues or debts to the Organization, if any.
Members who cease to be in good standing may have privileges suspended and will not be entitled to vote at meetings of Members or be entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership until such time as the Board is satisfied that the Member has met the definition of good standing as set out above.
Membership Rights and Privileges
Members in good standing are entitled to:
  • Receive communications and access to annual financial reports from the Organization
  • Attend the Organization’s Annual and Special Meetings
  • Nominate and vote for the Organization’s Directors in accordance with the Organization’s Bylaws
  • Call a Special Meeting at any time, upon the written requisition of Members holding not less than ten percent of the total Members’ votes
  • Remove a Director by ordinary resolution, provided that the Director has been given proper notice and the opportunity to respond at a meeting duly called for that purpose
  • Amend the Bylaws in accordance with the Constitution
  • Submit a proposal for consideration at a meeting of the Members in accordance with the Constitution
  • Examination of the following documents during the Organization’s usual business hours and make copies free of charge:
    • The report of the public accountant, if any
    • Prescribed comparative financial Reports
    • Any further information respecting the financial position of the Organization
    • A copy or summary of the documents described in subsection (h) twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual Meeting
  • Examination, on payment of any reasonable fee, the following Organization documents:
    • The Articles and Bylaws (available on the club website)
    • Minutes of Meetings of Members and any committee of Members
    • The Resolutions of Members and any committee of Members
    • Any debt obligation issued by the Organization
    • A register of Directors
    • A register of Officers
Withdrawal and Termination of Membership
Membership in the Organization will terminate immediately upon:
  • The expiration of the Member’s membership, unless renewed in accordance with this Policy
  • Resignation by giving written notice to the Organization in which case the resignation becomes effective on the date specified in the notice. Resignation as a Member does not relieve the Member of its obligation to pay any outstanding dues or fees
  • Liquidation or Dissolution of the Organization
  • The Member no longer meets the definition of Member as defined in the Organization’s Bylaws
  • The Member ceases to be in good standing by virtue of:
    • Failing to pay membership dues, fees or other monies owing to the Organization by the prescribed deadline dates,
    • or
    • Having had disciplinary sanctions imposed in accordance with the Organization’s Bylaws and/or policies relating to the discipline of Members or by the OCA
  • By Ordinary Resolution of the Board or of the Members at a duly called meeting, provided fifteen (15) days’ notice is given and the Member is provided with reasons and the opportunity to be heard. Notice will set out the reasons for termination of membership and the member receiving the notice will be entitled to submit a written submission opposing the termination.
  • The Member’s death
In the event that this Policy conflicts or contradicts the Organization’s Bylaws, the Bylaws shall take precedence.

Privacy Policy

“Organization” refers to:The Hamilton Cycling Club

Different privacy legislation applies to the public sector and to the private sector. Not-for-profit sport organizations in Canada are considered to be part of the private sector. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is the federal privacy legislation that applies to all not-for-profit sport organizations in Canada. PIPEDA applies to the Organization’s use of Personal Information for Commercial Activity. This Privacy Policy is based on the standards required by PIPEDA as interpreted by the Organization.
The following terms have these meanings in this Policy:
  • “Commercial Activity” – any particular transaction, act or conduct that is of a commercial character.
  • “Personal Information” – any information about an individual that relates to the person’s personal characteristics including, but not limited to: gender, age, income, home address, home phone number, ethnic background, family status, health history, and health conditions
  • “Stakeholder” – Individuals employed by, or engaged in activities on behalf of, the Organization including: coaches, staff members, contract personnel, volunteers, managers, administrators, committee members, and Directors and Officers of the Organization
  • “Individual” – All categories of membership defined in the Organization’s Bylaws as well as all individuals employed by, or engaged in activities with, the Organization including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, convenors, officials, volunteers, managers, administrators, committee members, and Directors and Officers of the Organization
The Organization recognizes Individuals’ right to privacy with respect to their Personal Information. This Policy describes the way that the Organization collects, uses, safeguards, discloses, and disposes of Personal Information.
Application of this Policy
This Policy applies to all Stakeholders and Individuals in connection with personal information that is collected, used or disclosed during the Organization’s Commercial Activity and Non-Commercial activity. Except as provided in PIPEDA, the Organization’s Board will have the authority to interpret any provision of this Policy that is contradictory, ambiguous, or unclear.
The Organization is obligated to:
  • Follow and abide by PIPEDA in all matters involving the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information during the Organization’s Commercial Activity;
  • and Always disclose what Personal Information is being collected from Individuals and for what purpose the Personal Information is being collected. The Organization will not require the collection of any Personal Information if the purpose for its collection is not identified.
In addition to fulfilling the legal obligations required by PIPEDA, the Organization’s Stakeholders will not:
  • Publish, communicate, divulge, or disclose to any unauthorized person, firm, corporation, or third party any Personal Information without the express written consent of the Individual
  • Knowingly place themselves in a position where they are under obligation to any organization to disclose Personal Information
  • In the performance of their official duties, disclose Personal Information to family members, friends, colleagues, or organizations in which their family members, friends, or colleagues have an interest
  • Derive personal benefit from Personal Information that they have acquired during the course of fulfilling their duties with the Organization Accept any gift or favour that could be construed as being given in anticipation of, or in recognition for, the disclosure of Personal Information
The Organization’s Membership Secretary is responsible for the implementation of this policy and monitoring information collection and data security, and ensuring that all executives receives appropriate training on privacy issues and their responsibilities. The Organization’s Membership Secretary also handles personal information access requests and complaints. The Organization’s Membership Secretary may be contacted at the following address: 106-298 Carlisle Rd, Carlisle, ON L0R 1H2
The Privacy Officer will:
  • Implement procedures to protect personal information
  • Establish procedures to receive and respond to complaints and inquiries
  • Record all persons having access to personal information
  • Ensure any third party providers abide by this Policy
  • Communicate to executive information about the Organization’s privacy policies and practices.
Information Collection Purposes
The Organization may collect Personal Information from Individuals and prospective Individuals for purposes that may include any of the following:
  • Non-Commercial Activity
  • Communications
  • Sending communications in the form of e-news or a newsletter with content related to the Organization’s programs, events, fundraising, activities, discipline, appeals, and other pertinent information
  • Publishing articles, media relations and postings on the Organization’s website, displays or posters
  • Award nominations, biographies, and media relations
  • Communication within and between Stakeholders and Individuals
  • Discipline results and long term suspension list
  • Checking residency status
  • Identification
  • Informing governing bodies (e.g., Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), National Sport Organizations (NSOs)) of Individuals’ registration and/or participation with the Organization
  • Informing government funders the number and demographic profile of registered Individuals
  • Registration, Database Entry and Monitoring
  • Registration of programs, events and activities
  • Database entry at the Coaching Association of Canada and to determine level of coaching certification, coaching qualifications, and coach selection
  • Database entry to determine level of officiating certification and qualifications
  • Determination of eligibility, age group and appropriate level of play/competition
  • Athlete Registration, outfitting uniforms, and various components of athlete and team selection
  • Technical monitoring, officials training, educational purposes, sport promotion, and media publications
  • General
  • Travel arrangement and administration
  • Medical emergency, emergency contacts or reports relating to medical or emergency issues
  • Determination of membership demographics and program wants and needs
  • Managing insurance claims and insurance investigations
  • Video recording and photography for personal use, and not commercial gain, by spectators, parents and friends
  • Payroll, honorariums, company insurance and health plans
  • Any and all complaints and inquiries
  • Commercial Activity
  • Sales, Promotions and Merchandising
  • Purchasing equipment, coaching manuals, resources and other products
  • Promotion and sale of merchandise
  • Video recording and photography for promotional use, marketing and advertising by the Organization
The Organization’s Stakeholders may collect Personal Information from Individuals and prospective Individuals for other purposes, provided that documented consent specifying the use of the Personal Information is obtained from the Individuals or prospective Individuals.

By providing Personal Information to the Organization, Individuals are implying their consent to the use of that Personal Informationfor the purposes identified in the Information Collection Purposes section of this Policy. At the time of the collection of Personal Information and prior to the use or disclosure of the Personal Information, the Organization will obtain consent from Individuals by lawful means, in a manner similar to the form in Appendix A. The Organization may collect Personal Information without consent when it is reasonable to do so and permitted by law. In determining whether to obtain written or implied consent, the Organization will take into account the sensitivity of the Personal Information, as well the Individuals’ reasonable expectations.

Individuals may consent to the collection and specified use of Personal Information in the following ways:
  • Completing and/or signing an application or registration form (see Appendix A)
  • Checking a check box, or selecting an option (such as ‘Yes’ or ‘I agree’)
  • Providing written consent either physically or electronically
  • Consenting orally in person
  • Consenting orally over the phone

The Organization will not, as a condition of providing a product or service, require Individuals to consent to the use, collection, or disclosure of Personal Information beyond what is required to fulfill the specified purpose of the product or service. An Individual may withdraw consent orally or in writing, at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. The Organization will inform the Individual of the implications of withdrawing consent. The Organization will not obtain consent from Individuals who are minors, seriously ill, or mentally incapacitated. Consent from these individuals will be obtained from a parent, legal guardian, or a person having power of attorney.

The Organization is not required to obtain consent for the collection of Personal Information, and may use Personal Information without the Individual’s knowledge or consent, only if:
  • It is clearly in the Individual’s interests and the opportunity for obtaining consent is not available in a timely way
  • Knowledge and consent would compromise the availability or accuracy of the Personal Information and collection is required to investigate a breach of an agreement or a contravention of a federal or provincial law
  • An emergency threatens a Individual’s life, health, or security
  • The information is publicly available as specified in PIPEDA
  • The Organization is also not required to obtain consent for the collection of Personal Information if the information is for journalistic,artistic, or literary purposes.
The Organization may disclose Personal Information without the Individual’s knowledge or consent only:
  • To a lawyer representing the Organization
  • To collect a debt that the Individual owes to the Organization
  • To comply legal proceedings of any sort
  • To comply with government regulations
  • To an investigative body for purposes related to the investigation of a breach of an agreement or a contravention of a federal or provincial law
  • In an emergency threatening an Individual’s life, health, or security (the Organization will inform the Individual of the disclosure)
  • To an archival institution 20 years after the individual’s death or 100 years after the record was created
  • If it is publicly available as specified in PIPEDA
Accuracy, Retention, and Openness

To minimize the possibility that inappropriate Personal Information may be used to make a decision about a Member, Personal Information will be accurate, complete, and as up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it will be used. Personal Information will be retained as long as reasonably necessary to enable participation in the Organization programs, events, and activities, and in order to maintain historical records as may be required by law or by governing organizations. Personal Information will be protected against loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the Personal Information.

The Organization will make the following information available to Individuals:
  • This Privacy Policy
  • Any additional documentation that further explains the Organization’s Privacy Policy
  • The name or title, and the address, of the person who is accountable for the Organization’s Privacy Policy
  • The means of gaining access to Personal Information held by the Organization
  • A description of the type of Personal Information held by the Organization, including a general account of its use
  • Identification of any third parties to which Personal Information is made available

Upon written request, and with assistance from the Organization after confirming the Individual’s identity, Individuals may be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their Personal Information and will be given access to that Personal Information. Individuals are also entitled to be informed of the source of the Personal Information, and provided with an account of third parties to which the Personal Information has been disclosed. Unless there are reasonable grounds to extend the time limit, requested Personal Information will be disclosed to the Individual, at no cost to the Individual, within thirty (30) days of receipt of the written request.

Individuals may be denied access to their Personal Information if the information:
  • Is prohibitively costly to provide
  • Contains references to other individuals
  • Cannot be disclosed for legal, security, or commercial proprietary purposes
  • Is subject to solicitor-client privilege or litigation privilege
If the Organization refuses a request for Personal Information, it shall inform the Individual the reasons for the refusal.
Compliance Challenges
Individuals are able to challenge the Organization for its compliance with this Policy. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Organization will:
  • Record the date the complaint is received
  • Notify the Membership Secretary who will serve in a neutral, unbiased capacity to resolve the complaint;
  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint by way of telephone conversation and clarify the nature of the complaint within seven (7) days of receipt of the complaint
  • Appoint an investigator using the Organization’s personnel or an independent investigator, who will have the skills necessary to conduct a fair and impartial investigation and will have unfettered access to all file and personnel
  • Upon completion of the investigation and within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint, the investigator will submit a written report to the Organization
  • Notify the complainant the outcome of the investigation and any relevant steps taken to rectify the complaint, including any amendments to policies and procedures
The Organization will not dismiss, suspend, demote, discipline, harass, or otherwise disadvantage any Organization Individual or Stakeholder who:
  • Challenges the Organization for its compliance with this Policy
  • Refuses to contravene this Policy or PIPEDA
  • Takes precautions not to contravene this Policy or PIPEDA; even though said precautions may be in opposition to the regular duties performed by the Individual
Appendix A – Consent
The Organization will include the following paragraph (or a variation) whenever Personal Information is being collected from Individuals:

I authorize the Organization to collect and use personal information about me for the purposes described in the Organization’s Privacy Policy (need link) In addition to the purposes described in the Organization’s Privacy Policy, I authorize the Organization to: Distribute my information to the Ontario Cycling Association Photograph and/or record my image and/or voice on still or motion picture film and/or audio tape, and to use this material to promote the sport through the media of newsletters, websites, television, film, radio, print and/or display form. I understand that I waive any claim to remuneration for use of audio/visual materials used for these purposes I understand that I may withdraw such consent at any time by contacting the Organization’s Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will advise the implications of such withdrawal.


Congratulations! We are thrilled that you have chosen to join the Hamilton Cycling Club! To renew or to begin an HCC membership. Sign into CCN (see link below) for one stop shopping for your membership, insurance and if applicable UCI or Citizen license. Here’s the revised OCA process. This process begins below (probably best to print this page for reference as you go through the process at CCN!!)

  1. Register for the Hamilton Cycling Club. Go to the CCN registration page (click here to open it it in a new tab) and click the red “Join Now” button
  2. Log into an existing CCN Bikes user account or sign up as a new user. If you have an OCA race license you already have a CCN user account. Be sure to log in as an existing user
  3. Select who you want to register from the drop-down menu. If the person you want to register does not have a profile on your account you can create a new profile by clicking the box “someone else”
  4. Select an Address or create a new address
  5. Select your membership category. The membership category options will be filtered based on your age. You will only be shown the options you are eligible for based on your age.a. FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS PLEASE NOTE: To complete a family membership, the first person registering must choose the “Primary Family Member” option. Any subsequent family members being registered must be in the “Additional Family Member” category (there should be a separate box where you can identify your racing category)
  6. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE VALID ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION INSURANCE FOR 2023 YOU MUST ADD IT IN ORDER TO CONTINUE WITH THE CLUB REGISTRATION. OCA insurance is included with any racing or technical license, or it can be purchased alone as the Affiliate Club Membership ($42). Once you complete the OCA application form you’ll be brought back to the Hamilton Cycling Club registration form. Complete the Additional Member Information and click “Next”
  7. If you are registering multiple people (Family Membership) be sure to click the red button “Complete and add another…”. If you are only registering yourself click the green button“Complete , agree to various understandings and proceed to cart”
  8. Agree to the OCA waiver and continue
  9. Review your membership order to be sure everything is correct. Enter your billing details at the bottom and submit your transaction. Once payment is successfully processed you’ll see an on-screen confirmation. You will also receive a receipt, registration confirmation, and OCA confirmation (if applicable) by email. Print this stuff. Be sure to log out when finished your CCN session. You will also see a link to HCC’s Risk Management page which contains covid rules for our events.
For registration assistance contact CCN on info@ccnbikes.com or 1.866.534.2453
HCC receives a report of your new membership so we know same day that you are registered.

If you are showing up at an event within 48 hours DO bring your CNN receipt as proof!

If you are an Honourary member you should receive an e-mail with code password. If not phone or e-mail Membership Secretary (see below) for a special code you will use at checkout to remove the membership portion of your fees.

If you already belong to an OCA affiliated club and have paid your current year insurance this will be recognized by the system when you sign in and your process will be restricted to the club portion. Sorry associate membership are not available during covid restriction must join as full member albeit at our reduced rates.

If you are a Master category but wish to ride as a Senior this season that option is available to you. Note HCC Masters category does not kick in till you are 40.

If you are a volunteer trail builder or just joining to keep your hubby happy etc and will not be riding in club events race/rec you can join for $25 and insurance is not required. The system will recognize this.