Ayr 100km Road Race – July 10

The race was held on a beautiful, warm summer day in Ayr. Thirty people showed up to race from several clubs, including The Hub, Mazurcoaching, Wheels of Bloor, St. Catharine’s CC, D’Ornellas and HCC. Hardly anyone identified themselves as being in a “slow group’, so instead of sending two people out on their own, everyone went off as one group. Only a few were tailed-off as the race progressed, and two were dropped due to flat tires (Alex Newdick and Jonathan Wilby).

There were a several attempts by one or two riders to get away from the bunch (Rob Wilson, Peter Mogg, Jonathan Prosser, John Van Arragon, Stan Ambis, Jason Valenti, in various combinations) but the wind was picking up on the back straight as the morning progressed, and the peleton kept pulling them back. That included the last lap, when many of the group caught the break and the contenders sprinted up the hill and approached the line in a fairly close finish.

The first five were all within 50 meters of each other.

  1. Stan Ambis
  2. Jonathan Prosser
  3. Fred Perez
  4. Jason Valenti
  5. Mike Novo
  6. Steve McKee  first HCC rider

The winning time was 2:30:15.

There was a crash on lap six that brought down four riders. Peter Morris was taken to hospital with a suspected broken hip or femur, but was eventually (and thankfully) advised that it was only a cracked hip socket. He hopes to be back on the bike in a couple of weeks. Marva and Doug Taylor, as well as Peter Meadows, were very helpful in assisting Peter, calling the ambulance, taking care of his car, etc. Thanks!