Andy Keyes Century won in Blaze of Speed!

Twelve riders turned out for the 50th Keyes Century Road Race. As usual race was set up as an Australian Pursuit giving all a chance to win. We had three groups spread out with start times over 30 minutes reflecting estimated speeds from 32kph to 38. We didnt count on the Samurai 7.


Our first group were a wee bit mismatched and broke up after one lap essentially doing time trials.. Our 2nd group of three warriors Рall from PK Express held off the Samurai 7 (ultimately 6) for 6 laps then  keeping the pace with the scratch group.

Steve McKee Ontario road champion ¬†was first over the crest of the hill followed with 1 second by Tony Morelli and 3 seconds by Chris Rowley. Our Podiums! Also in the the next seconds we had guest Graham Thomas, member Tony DiSilvestro and guest “Dr Phil” McCatty!. Winner Steve McKee averaged 40.5kph. A Keyes record I am pretty sure!