Come to Hamilton Cycling Club’s AGM on Nov. 27

Club President Wayne Atanas invites you all to the HCC AGM.

The Hamilton Cycling Club’s annual general meeting (AGM) is coming up at 11:30am Saturday, November 27 at the Winchester Arms in Dundas. This is where average Joes and Janes are raised to greatness, stepping out of obscurity to the heights of cycling management…. or something like that.

Really, it’s just a great way that you can help run the club that we all know and love. This is where we assemble our Board of Executives — and this year we need to replace some departing execs. This is a volunteer board.

If you would like to voice your opinion, be elected to the board, or to bring your good ideas forward, please come. Lunch is on the club. Contact Wayne for more info.

Also that day… Mountain bike representative Marc Risdale will lead an HCC MTB ride at 9am, November 27, from Cafe Domestique. Ride time should be under two hours to get us back in time for the meeting. This is a no-drop ride open to members of all ages.