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Youth Group

This page is dedicated to our under 17 riders - currently competing on mountain bikes.

            Summer Games Team '06

Here is the Hamilton CC line up for Ottawa Aug 9th - 13th


  1. __Michael Harrington_(male) age 16 from Stoney Creek

  2. __ Robyn Mildren__(female) age 15 from Dundas

  3. ___ Salvatore Milisenda __(male) age 16 from Stoney Creek

  4. ___Jake St. Pierre (male) age 14 from Dundas ON

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Recently, our HCC Mountain Bike U17 Team raced at the Ontario Summer Games in Ottawa. This is the second time our club ventured to these multi-sport games held every two years. The games, made possible by the Sport Alliance of Ontario and the OCA, provided a focus for our Youth Group in 2006. To recruit members and select our team, HCC sponsored four over night training camps/races at Hardwood Hills, as well as a club trip down the QEW to participate in the Liberty"8X12 Race Series". In the wake of this exitement, our active youth membership has grown. Tuesday and Thursday group rides have become richer as leaders and riders are growing together. Thank you to Julie / Bruno Bieri and Dave Harrington for the transportation and volunteer support provided for these projects. Michael Harrington, Robyn Mildren, Salvatore Milisenda and Jake St.Pierre made the trip to race at Camp Fortune. Jake, Sammy and I drove as far as Smith Falls where Sammy's Aunt Claudia let us lay over. Barbeque and a good sleep. During breakfast Claudia called her friend at CBC Radio. Between playing recorded material, he interviewed me about our trip. Met Mike and his Dad, Mom, and brother Jonathan at Camp Fortune for our 11am pre ride. Robyn was meeting up later that night as she was on a family canoe trip on the French River. The Harrington support team provided essential transportation for us over the next three days. It was very much appreciated, as was the afternoon of wave action, water sliding and hot tubbing. The pre ride introduced us to a brutally technical (rocky) race course. We figured the very difficult course gave the top teams a great advantage. However, with points given for every finish position, we set our minds and bodies to the task of figuring it out. Robyn arrived that night, and we all prepared for an early morning. Unusual to Mountain Bike Racing, the event was set up as a three stage (ITT, Team Relay, XC) omnium format. Points for every finish. The Individual Time Trial results (Milisenda-24th, St.Pierre-28th, Harrington-29th, Mildren-7th) sorted the teams into an upper and lower echelon. Really, the task for us was to race to be the "best of the rest", and needed to close down an eleven point difference to do that. Error free transitions (hand to hand pass of a water bottle) and solid rides led to an 8th place relay finish. We were on track. In the Cross Country Race, all of our athletes jumped positions compared to their ITT finish showing that they were there to race. Milisenda-20th, St.Pierre-24th, Harrington-27th, Mildren-6th. The best of the rest? We needed to close a gap of eleven points, and came to within one. A similarly committed Team Rocket takes 8th overall. Team Rocket95
Hamilton Cycling Club94
Bancroft Broken Spokes90
GTA East86
North Bay Cycle Club80
The 2006 Ontario Summer Games medals were awarded to the incredible Hardwood Hills Racing Team (243 points). Durham/Uxbridge (220 points) and London (198 points) took second and third. Complete results can be found at our Ontario Cycling Association web site. http://www.ontariocycling.org/web_pages/sch_results.php A stop over at Robyn's family cottage (Huntsville) capped off a wonderful experience. Thank you to an incredible group of athletes who represented our club so well at the Ontario Summer Games. Thank you HCC for the support which made the experience possible. 

Chris Kiriakopoulos Coach, Ontario Summer Games


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