Hamilton Cycling Club Trails at Christie Lake

Despite our origins as a road cycling club, HCC has taken serious steps to increase its involvement in mountain biking since 2010. One big part of this includes our efforts with the Hamilton Conservation Authority to build singletrack trails at Christie Lake Conservation Area.

For more information, join our Facebook page, or find us on Twitter @christietrails and online at

Where are the trails?

While the trail network is not yet complete, you can ride what has been completed. The map below shows the open and incomplete trails. We are working together with the Hamilton Conservation Area to produce a printable pamphlet that will be available for download.


How are trails built?

Once the soil thaws in the spring of 2012, we will be out working most Saturdays at 9am. Please join us! We have designed the trails according to the International Mountain Bike Association’s (IMBA) guildelines for sustainabiliity. The pin flags mark the low (downslope) side of the trail (critical point).

Our process is as follows:

  • Rake the pine needles and debris (duff) from at least 4 feet of trail width (above the pin flags). Leave the duff above where the trail will be.
  • Scrape off the organic layer.
  • Create the 2-3 foot wide bench cut trail (Pulaskis for grubbing; McLeods for tamping), distributing the soil below the trail. Ensure the trail is outsloped 5% to shed water.
  • Take the duff from above the trail and spread it below to make it look natural (“decoration”).

Please do not clear the corridor before pin flags are in; these trails are still in the design phase!