Out of 11 contenders 5  completed all Speedweek events! The winner with top spot (among survivors!) was Tony Morelli with 4 points!! Congrats Tony! Coming in 2nd was Peter Archambeault with 9 points and Mark DeKoning with 11.

Thanks to the volunteers (Brian, Ken, Risdale family, Shelly and Lucy) who made it possible!

First Binbrook TT of year a toughie!

8c and  NE wind gusting to 50 creating cross winds against going out and no help coming back made for a toughie! 12 brave souls turned out and 11 finished with an incredible (given circumstances) best time of 56 minutes! Our (Ken & Martin) call for volunteers garnered  Shelly as turn marshal having to travel around 200km total  putting some of us to shame right!!

Good Friday Road Race 2017

Little cool in the early am but turned out to be a great day for the 475 riders who turned out! We had a full complement of marshals (16) and caravan cars/trucks. Chris was there with his awesome coffee and Dirty South to replace all these calories burned up!

Club members Steve McKee took 2nd in the M1 and Sarah Rasmussen  took gold in the elite 1/2 women! Other club riders seen  Mark DeKonig came in 18th in M3, Chris Rowley came in 30th in E1/2 and Garnett Abbey 29th in M1.

Another successful GF event with round of applause for our club President and race organizer Marc Risdale (& family!).


Good Friday RR Lost & Found

Following found at the Race site – Ancaster Fair Ground

–  two Camel-Bak water bottles

– a Timex athletic watch (owner should be able to describe the model, colour, etc)

– three pairs of cycling glasses (Garneau, Oakley and prescription Ray Bans! (owner will know the colour)

– a compact Canon camera in its case

Contact Ken Wilson 905-318-2680 or kowilson447@gmail.com

You will need to provide a description!

New Photo Album Set Up

We have moved our photo albums from Picasa(Google+) to ZenFolio a much more interactive site. The Link is on the Photo page http://hamiltoncycling.com/photos/

We are retaining the Picasa links for a little while but ZenFolio allows you to download your favourite photos  (your starring moments!) and even buy prints in a wide variety of forms. HCC adds no mark up nor photographer Martin Reid (for now).

Enjoy the event slide shows!

CCN open for Renewals and New Memberships

Effective late Jan 27th CCN went public for HCC memberships and HCC members seeking UCI or Citizen licenses. Ken and I dry ran the system and found it much easier to use. Nevertheless  it won’t hurt to run through instructions on HCC  web JOIN page.

Insurance is up $1. Remember if you are only doing club events (no UIC etc) you concurrently apply for OCA affiliate membership. Families remember  to sign up primary first.

Honourary member’s club fees (not insurance) will be waived if you phone Martin Reid (905-577-9922 or reid.wmATgmail.com) for the coupon code which you will use just before you pay your bill.

Advocating for a Cycle Safe Sydenham

Advocating for a Cycle Safe Sydenham

As you may be aware, the City of Hamilton has been planning traffic calming measures for Sydenham Rd, though despite Sydenham being a priority in the City’s own Cycling Master Plan, the City will not be installing any bike lanes and in some areas will be creating more dangerous road conditions for cyclists than already exist.

Today we are launching a Cycle Safe Sydenham petition, asking the City to include cycling lanes in upcoming work on Sydenham and also to develop a comprehensive process for future road improvements that cross-references with the Cycling Master Plan. There have been far too many missed opportunities to build out our cycling network in the past, and with today’s petition we hope to shift the way things are done both now and into the future.

Please take a minute to sign our petition, and please share the petition widely amongst your family, friends, social media networks, and colleagues. The City of Hamilton recently committed to the vision of Hamilton being the best place to raise a child and age successfully–a major part of that vision should be safe modes of travel for all road users!

Thank you for your ongoing support, and stay tuned for another update in the next week regarding the petition and our details about our November Cycling Advocacy Week, which will include our first Annual General Meeting, as well as some other events and activities.