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HCC Newsletter January 2003

Just a reminder that membership fees are now due.  Also members must complete the OCA waiver form, both forms if you’re under 18 years of age. These forms are all included in this newsletter.

2003 – A Championship Year

by Dave Harrison


I’ve always personally looked forward to the dawning of each new year, and with the Canadian and World Road Championships coming to Hamilton, this year will be the dawning of a new age in Hamilton cycling.  Let’s welcome the world to Canada!

This year you’ll also notice a different newsletter format to some extent as I’ve taken over the duties from Rob and Sandy Cheskey.  They’ve done an outstanding job for our club ,and hopefully you’ll look forward to receiving my newsletter as much as I did theirs.  As if newsletter editor wasn’t enough, Sandy also doubled as our membership secretary.  She and Frank Morrow, as secretary, have stepped aside and Chris Kiriakoupoulos has taken on the dual role.  Most people in the cycling community will not only know Chris for his consistency on the bike, but also for his unparalleled organizational skills.  The Club is fortunate enough to have Chris and his talents on board.  

As mentioned it will be a great year for cyclists, so come out and race a Club event, see the new Flamborough venue, or just introduce the beauty of cycling to a friend.  

I was just wondering, what if the winner of the men’s elite world championship was to wear the rainbow jersey in the 2004 Tour de France and set a new record 6 consecutive Tour wins…just wondering.



Happy Birthday to…



Tony Marriott

January 1


Sue Palmer-Komar

January 27

Les Humphreys

January 8


Peter Schouten

January 28

Mirek Mazur

January 12


Brian Chewter

February 2

Cameron Brehn

January 17


Dermot Kelly

February 13

George Garrett

January 22


Tom Pullar

February 24

Adrian Davis

January 25









Racing & Training News

by Dave Harrison





It’s never too early to start thinking ahead to the upcoming

race season. The Good Friday Road Race will no doubt sneak

up on us fast.

The OCA as well as our own B.A.R./I.T.T. series have yet to be

finalized.  Look for our schedule in the March newsletter.

We do know for sure there’s one big event coming to Hamilton

next October!

For the first time in recent memory our weekly time trials will be held on Tuesday evenings, still on the White Swan Road course.  The move was to make use of the Thursday evening time slot we have at the Flamborough Speedway track.

Due to the heavy truck traffic and safety issues, the Milton criterium has been canceled.   To replace this criterium, the Flamborough venue has been added.  The new Flamborough venue could prove very exciting with many different interesting race options, and outstanding family spectating.

If you’re looking for winter/early season rides, you may wish to try Randy’s group.  Randy Brown and his group ride year round from the Tim Hortons’ in  Brantford  at  Paris and Hardy (Tollgate) Roads on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays at 9 a.m.  Call Randy for details at  519 4422118.


q       If you’re aware of any other group rides, call Dave at 905-529-6420 and I’ll publish it in the next newsletter.


Text Box: If you have a story for the newsletter, want to add an item to a buy and sell list, or just mention a group ride, call Dave at 905-529-6420 or mail me at 5 Chatham Street, Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B3.  Unfortunately, no e-mail is available at this time, however coming soon. J
Text Box: “Sport is education of life.  One learns much about oneself, about others and about respect.” 
Laurent Jalabert gets philosophical at his last Grand Prix des Nations






A Tale from the Dirt

by Walter Furlan


Well, just a story of how I fell in love with the sport of mountain biking.   

Back in the spring of 2001 when I possessed quite a doughy body, two of my work mates, Dave and Lenny, who were in considerably better shape asked if I would like to go for a ride after work.  I thought why not, this would be fun.  I was always interested in the outdoors.  Although not a cyclist, I thought I did own a new and handsome “mountain bike”, the Costco Infinity, my pride and joy, so let’s give it a try.  

Dave and Lenny took me to Dundas Valley, not an extreme mountain bike location, it did however contain some very challenging sections.  I don’t remember the length of the ride but I do remember the pain I suffered that day.  I did seem to walk more than I rode my 35 lb. Machine.  I was introduced to the world of single track, technical downhills, and leg aching, lung burning climbs.  Then there were the crashes, many of them in the beginning.  Usually during the technical downhills, trying to negotiate rocks and roots, turns and twists.  Armed with loads of brawn, but short on bike handling skills I learned to lessen the pain by checking the ego and going slow.  Seems this is where I was given the handle of “the flying squirrel”, apparently this is what I resembled most when I was launching myself from my two-wheeled death sled!  So I kept going to the trails and I became better at riding, more confident in myself.  I learned my physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.   I learned many lessons in life that I can say all led to my now huge love for mountain biking.  It was very appealing to me to combine strength, endurance and nature.  I learned that Dave and Lenny were true friends because of the endless patience they displayed with me.  I learned that this activity scared me a little each time I rode and that it was good to be scared a little each day.  I learned I can ride my bike as long or as little as I want, as hard or as easy as I want, in good or bad weather, it doesn’t matter because any day on my mountain bike is a good day and life is great!  

So get on your bike and just go riding, you can’t help but feel better.

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Summer/winter Olympian Clara Hughes, honourary Hamilton Cycling Club member, has been having great success on the oval this year so far.  Recently, winning the final 5,000m and all-around at the Canadian Long Track Speed Skating Championships in Calgary.

Clara plans on being in Hamilton for the World Time Trial Championships later this year.




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