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HCC July Newsletter


From The Editor

June and July are always busy months for most of us, racing is in full gear, the great weather is here (kind of), but for Maria and myself a wedding and honeymoon in France were also on the agenda.


We were married on July 5th, opening of the Tour (not planned), but I had a TV in the back room as not to miss the OLN coverage, just kidding!


The wedding plans did put the newsletter a bit behind though as we were in France for the last half of July, sorry for the delay, but…here’s a bit of a rundown on our honeymoon.  Hope you enjoy it.


If you never plan a trip to France in July may I suggest a few guidelines, brush up on your high school French, book your hotels in advance if anywhere near the Tour route, and make sure it’s a four-star if you need AC!


We had the good fortune of staying with friends in the City of Pau, a “Tour start town” in the Pyrennees.  The local newspaper shows the hotels where each team is staying so as fans can go there in hopes of catching a glimpse of the riders.   I got more than I bargained for.  While riding back from downtown Pau one morning, I hooked up with the Quick-Step team who were out for a spin during the rest day.  The team stopped briefly at a sports store to do some PR where there was the opportunity to get a few photos and chat a little with people.  Talking with Paolo Bettini, I’m sure he’s looking forward to Hamilton.


Seeing the pros up close was a thrill, seeing (and climbing) the Alps and Pyrennees up close was unreal.  I managed on my honeymoon to climb the Col du Tourmalet and the giant of Provence, Mount Ventoux.  We also drove the Galibier, Telegraphe, Madelaine and L’Ape d’Huez.  Simply outstanding views, a post card in any direction.


On the morning I left for the Tourmalet summit it was around 32 degrees and clear.  You  head through some small villages before the signs begin to tell you your actually on the climb, km to the summit, altitude, grade percentage for the next km.  The grade is continuous and I found myself in awe many times up the climb.  This was Sydenham Road for 18km and I’m no Virenque!


At the summit it was 7 degrees and I froze coming down through the clouds.  Where were the fans with the newspapers?


Two days later I left Maria in a small village at the base of Mount Ventoux where a wine tasting festival was going on, perfect.  Again, like the Tourmalet the climb starts almost immediately.


The climb is 23km long and the grades at the top are grueling.  By the last half dozen km or so I’d been riding for close to 1¼ hours.  Seeing the summit tower, the Tom Simpson memorial and all the names on the road - Armstrong, Mayo, Pantani, Virenque, I found myself with a huge smile realizing  I was there and riding by all this I’d only seen in books and magazines.  It’s a trip I’d recommend to anyone, except maybe not on your honeymoon.  See you in September.


Club Events

by Dave Harrison



June saw the continuation of the club BAR series in Falkland with the “Nella” 40 km time trial.  Mirek Mazur clocked a 53:45 for the win with Fred Pepper a fine second in 56:15.  The other 5 riders came in as follows:  Henry Dudka – 1:00:12; Doug Taylor – 1:01:40; Dave Harrison – 1:01:04; Marva Taylor – 1:24:30; Garnet Abbey (Guest) – 58:20.


On July 19th, the annual Andy Keyes Road Race took place on the popular Ayr circuit.  This year 14 riders came out, but a crash apparently took 4 riders out of the race early.


I couldn’t make the race myself because I was in France, but I hope the riders were okay and everyone had a good race.  I believe the top club rider was Daryll Vansickle.  Final results are on the web, which by the way is looking great these days!  Thanks Martin.


            Our Thursday night “Speedway” crits have been getting some good numbers.  With as many as 40 riders on any given night, the varying skill levels make for some dicey racing, so remember that if you feel up to racing at the front, by all means do so, but if you’re just new to the scene or not sure of your skills, have respect for the elites and hang off the back or observe from the high side banking.


            On the time trial front, Tuesdays are well attended with an average 12 riders per night.  A decision to remain at White Swan Road for the rest of the year was made in light of road condition and travel times of other venues.  Mirek Mazur has recorded the fastest time so far this year in 20:13.


            For club members who are always out on Tuesday, your name will be recorded in “the hat” for a chance at winning a Gold grandstand week pass to the Worlds in October.


            This means your name would be in 16 times if you did every time trial of the season, and at $1 a ride that’s $16 at a chance to win a gold pass!  Another benefit of being a club member!


Race Secretary Wanted


            Imagine for a moment that partaking in a Tuesday night time trial, Flamboro crit or a BAR weekend event was not an option but rather a must.  That’s what a race secretary’s life with HCC is like, not to mention timing, recording times etc….


            Now imagine doing this voluntarily for 18 years!  This is what Randy Brown has done since taking over from Tom Liptrot way back in 1985.  The club executive have tried to talk Randy into making it an even 20 years, but with more OCA rules coming into play each year and the desire to race some more events himself, Randy and the club are looking for someone with the skills to replace him next year.  Yes, the position is a big one, but with many rewards of satisfaction, meeting new people and becoming more involved.


            Randy and the club will assist anyone interested by running through the timing, formats etc. to get you started, you’ll never be left out in the cold.  If you think it is for you contact Randy at 519-442-2118 or any executive anytime, because without a new race secretary the 2004 season will be a quiet one.


Club Bio

Member:  Zack Morris


What’s the last meal you cooked?  Pasta, but I overcooked it.

What’s your favourite drink?  Gatorade

What was the last book you read?  The Lance Armstrong biography

What’s the last CD you bought?  I can’t say I bought one, I burn them.

What’s the last movie you saw?  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

What’s your favourite website?  Velonews.com

What non-cycling magazines do you read?  Car & Driver

Where do you live?  Hamilton Mountain

Other than cycling, what other sports do you do?  Hockey


Miracles don’t exist in sport.  It’s always the strongest who wins.

- Cycling legend Eddy Merckx


Club Riders at Large

by Dave Harrison


            A good core group of HCC riders have been travelling about Ontario scoring some respectable results the last couple of months.


            Everyone’s main focus was of course the Nationals here in our fine city of Hamilton, but on June 8th the St. Catharines Cycling Club hosted the Rose Festival Criterium.  In the women’s event Anna Garnett placed a fine 11th in the always competitive womens field.  Anna turned that around two weeks later with a 6th place at the Waterloo Classic.  Anna’s has been having a great season.  She was really focused on Nationals and could be seen riding at the front until she was involved in the accident on lap 2 that took some dozen girls out of the race.  To say the least, a huge disappointment, but when I talked Anna in Pelham on Monday she was upbeat and ready for the next challenge.  Way to go Anna.  The Rose Festival Crit also had three of HCC’s mainstays, Rob Cheskey, Chris Kiriakopoulos and Fred Pepper racing 15th, 16th and 18th respectively.


            Along with Anna in Waterloo were again Rob and Chris in the B, C and D race coming in 16th and 26th, followed by Zoltan Wighardt in 32nd.  Zack Morris finished up 6th in the under 17 event.  Zack is one of, if not the youngest member of our club.  Nice job Zack , keep it in the big ring!


            At the Canadian Nationals time trial on Friday the 27th of June two HCC members pulled on National champion jerseys, hats off to Sean Scott Master A and Fred Pepper Master B!  As well as Fred, Rob Cheskey and yours truly were 6th and 20th in the B race.  Two honorary club members, Clara Hughes and Sue Palmer-Komar rode to 5th and 6th in the womens elite time trial.  Great job everyone.


            The elite road race on Sunday saw Hamilton’s own Sue Palmer-Komar burning up the road again, basically soloing for about the last 70 km between the lead pair of Jeanson and Bessette and the main field for the 3rd place bronze medal.  Well done Sue!


            Later on Monday in Pelham, Ontario, the St. Catharines CC hosted the balance of the country’s best on the Effingham road course.


            I knew from the beginning of the first climb my 23 wasn’t going to cut it, but I soldiered on.  A DNF wasn’t an option at Nationals.  HCC’s “mainstays” Cheskey, Pepper and Kiriakopoulos faired much better bringing in results of 19th, 20th and 46th, I guarded the back door in 49th.


            Some other results to note, club VP George Garrett was second in his category at the Hilton Falls Trek Endro #3.  The Provincial Time Trial Championships on August 3rd in Millbank saw our national champion Fred Pepper, place second with Rob Cheskey narrowly missing the podium in fifth position, and Walter Piersanti placed 19th.  Also Zack Morris, 23:29/15km took silver in the Under 17 category.


A week later Provincial Roads  went off in Bamburg.  Several Hamilton CC Master B riders competed with Brad Nickorick taking 14th.  The race also had Fred Paper, Rob Cheskey, Chris Kiriakopoulos and Dave Harrison competed.  Zack Morris had another outstanding race placing 6th, this young man continues to get great results.  Anna Garnett was in the senior woman’s race and the last time I saw her come by she was in the heat of the action.  I didn’t get her result, but I’m sure it was another fine effort.


            I’ve no doubt missed some club member names at Nationals and other events.  I hope people realize that this is easy to do and by no means do I disrespect anyone or their results, it just happens.  Please e-mail, snail mail or phone me your results.  Don’t think for a minute that your result isn’t good enough to publish, although I’m in the latter half of most results I’m always proud of myself for getting out there and using the tools I’ve been given to compete with, some may never have our opportunities.  Congratulations in our new national champions and everyone else.  I hope your season keeps on going great.  Bring on the second half!





Items for Sale…


VINER 55cm Columbus Altec with Columbus Carve Rear Seat stays.  Equipped with Campy 10spd Record/Chorus parts (just levers and rear derailleur are Chorus – brand new).  Columbus Muscle carbon forks with carbon steerer.  Campy carbon seat post.  Deda Magic stem and bars.  Ksyrium SL clincher wheels with 11-23 cogset.  Speedplay Ti X/2 or Look pedals, your choice.  Asking $45000.  Commonwealth Games RR silver medal bike.   Contact:  Sue or Chris at 905-570-1374 or Chris at 905-975-2719



Giro Aerohead Helmet

Asking $30.00

Contact:  Dave at 905-529-6420



1 Pair Eggbeater Mountain Bike Pedals

Asking $40.00

Contact:  Dave at 905-529-6420

Text Box: If you have a story for the newsletter, want to add an item to the buy and sell list, or just mention a group ride, call Dave at 905-529-6420 or mail me at 5 Chatham Street, Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B3 or send via e-mail at dchcycling@aol.com.




Lake to Lake and Beyond

by Dave Harrison



            On the muddy side of cycling there are a few of us touring Ontario in search of single track action.


            May 25th was the Bonham Kelso Ontario Cup, home of last year’s Provincial championships.  The course has lots of climbing as well as interesting drops off the Niagara escarpment.


            I was introducing the sport to a friend at Kelso when I ran into Frank Morrow.  He races in the grandmaster division and finished this day in 13th place.  His HCC jersey looked great, and I picked him out of the pack quickly, at least until his last few laps when mud made everyone look much the same.


            Fellow club member Carl Clarke and I race in master expert 40-49 and on this day Carl rode an awesome race to 5th place.  I finished a mid-pack 18th.  A few weeks later Carl rode the O-Cup at Hardwood Hills and finished about 8th wearing a cheap, oversized mountain bike shoe from the pro shop when he discovered he brought his road shoes to the event.  With his own shoes, who knows… nice work Carl keep the rubber side down!


            Mid-June I rode the Lake to Lake Classic for the first time.  This on-road, off-road tour from Port Colbourne to Port Dalouise is a Steve Bauer backed race that has some tough single track technical sections.  After a good rainfall leading up to race day, a lot of  “small lakes” between the lakes!  A popular little event, it attracts some 1,100 riders of all abilities, Carl Clarke and I were there as where I’m sure some other club members that I missed in the mayhem.  Carl finished in the top group of 15 while I came in about 28th covered head to toe in as much mud as I’ve seen in a 60km race.  It’s even harder for me to pick out club riders at mountain bike events, so remember to write or e-mail me!

Colnago Demo Days


Brian Chewter @ Central Cycle is having the Colnago rep bring in a few bikes – August 29th to September 4th.


Come in and try out a new Colnago.









August 13

Snake Road Hill Climb


August 14

Flamboro Criterium – 7 p.m.


August 16

Hogben 80 km TTC Falkland – 8 a.m.


August 17

Sauble Speedway Dash for Cash

Joe @ 519-422-1422

August 17

Championship of Zurich


August 17

Agatha Road Race

OMCA @ 416-442-2118

August 19

White Swan Time Trial – 7 p.m.


August 21

Flamboro Criterium


August 22

White Swan 15 km Time Trial Championship – 7 p.m.


August 24

Bonham MTB O-Cup #5 – Dagmar

Chico Racing @ 905-852-0381

August 26

White Swan Time Trial


August 28

Flamboro Criterium


August 30

Masters MTB World Championship – Bromont


August 31

Tour di Via Italia - Windsor

Maple Leaf CC @ 519-252-7960

August 31

GP Eddy Merckx








September 1

Giant 5 # 4 – Bethany

Alpha Racing @ 905-986-0959

September 2

White Swan Time Trial *Note venue change*


September 4

Flamboro Criterium


September 4

Tour de l’Avenir starts


September 6

Multi-Laser GP – Gananoque

Jeff @ 613-376-3443

September 6

Vuelta a Espana starts


September 7

Bonham MTB O-Cup #6 Horseshoe

Chico Racing @ 905-852-0381

September 8

Tour of Poland starts


September 10

BAR Hill Climb (Sydenham Road)


September 14

Start of Buckwallow Dirt Crit Series

Jeff @ 705-684-8100

September 20

Travis V. Price Classic Brockville

Brockville CC


September 21

Trek Enduro Series Final – Durham

Bikenxs @ 905-852-5544

September 27

Baldwin Cyclocross Kintore – Stratford

Don @ 519-284-1891

September 28

Little River Cyclocross – Windsor

Maple Leaf CC @ 519-252-7960

September 28

Tour de Halton

Spokes ‘n’ Slopes @ 905-876-7676



Pro Scene

by Dave Harrison



May was Giro d’Italia month, and this years event saw the return of big names like Simoni, Frigo, Garzelli and yes il pirata, Marco Pantani.


The opening flat stages were to feature Mario Cipollini’s breaking of Alfredo Binda’s all time win record, but it was stalled temporarily by Alessandro Petacchi who a month later would eat up the early Tour de France stages in Cipollini’s absence.  As you no doubt know by now Mario’s Domina Vacanze team didn’t make Jean-Marie Leblanc’s selection list excluding the present colourful world champion, but the tour wants to promote the young France teams and not sprinters who go home when the mountain cols show up, c’est comme ca.


The Giro though was coming back from some bad years of doping scandals, lost sponsorship dollars and really needed a great showcasing of Italy and the history of this grand tour.  The race was filled with great sprints, beautiful mountain climbs and a battle between Simoni and Garzelli that went down to the final day.  Marco Pantini was back and even with a crash late in the race.  He finished in 14th place and did himself and Mercatone Uno proud.


While Gibi Simoni dominated with his second win in three years, the Tour de France proved a whole different race for the man from Palu di Giove, the same can be said for the likes of Gonzalez, Botero and Frigo all who claimed they would be pulling Armstrong under pressure this year in France.  It turned out that the names Mayo, Ullrich and Vinokourov pushed Armstrong all the way to Paris, perhaps peaking for two big tours a year is too much for even today’s professional cyclists.


The Tour de France this year was as thrilling a race as we’ve seen in a few years, with so many highs, lows, heroes and disappointments.  A huge crash on day two set the stage for a rough first week as Leui Leipheimer, and several others were knocked out of the event early on.  In the same crash, Tyler Hamilton broke his clavicle in two places and everyone held their breath to see if Tyler would be at the sign-in the next day.  Thankfully he was and would for the next three weeks put in a display of coverage unparalleled, including a stage win in Bayonne.


As was aforementioned some big names had a real tough go this year in France, but others like Ibon Mayo, Jan Ullrich and Alexandre Vinokourov showed the world we have some great young riders able to step forward to give us many great races to look forward to.


June was the month when nations crowned their national champions.  We were blessed with having the event right in our backyards.  This year was my first time competing in a road national championship and it was a thrill to be involved in the big show with all our country’s great cyclists.  What an honour.  See results and clippings in this newsletter.  Congratulations to all those who competed.





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