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On Sunday August 21st at 12:25am , I completed 1200km Boston Montreal Boston with an elapsed time of 68hours and 25minutes.  With the generous support of the Hamilton Cycling Club and many others, my BMB ride raised more than $4000 for Parkinson Society Canada . 

What an exciting, grueling and rewarding experience.  Starting alongside 91 other participants at
4am on Thursday August 18, rode 440km from Boston to Burlington VT by 11pm scaling multiple mountain climbs along the way.  The last few hundred metres over the climb at Middlebury Gap were torturous.  Must have been almost a 20% grade!  


On Friday, I remounted my bike at 5am , and rode from Burlington VT to Huntington QC . The ride from Huntington back to Burlington was a struggle against strong headwinds and occasional raindrops.  Before the day was done, continued riding further 80km in the dark to Middlebury. Lost my directions in the last few kilometres and took an extra 30 minutes before I reached my final destination for the day at 12:30am .    

Saturday's ride started at
5am in the dark with a fine mist falling. Immediately began scaling 1500ft vertical feet on a long, steep climb up and over the Middlebury Gap.   Hard on the brakes all the way down the other side being careful on slick wet roads.  This was a pattern to be repeated over the other major mountain climbs through the Green Mountains at Killington, Ludlow and the Andover Pass.   Riding between the Middlebury Gap and Killington, the mist turned into a downpour.  Heavy driving rains accompanied by gusting winds continued for several hours.  I rode through to Brattleboro VT by which time the rains and winds had subsided.  The hill climbs on the next leg through New Hampshire to New Salem MA sapped my energy as I resisted tiring to maintain my pace.  I really felt wasted when I sat down to eat something at the Bullard Farm in New Salem.  

With 120 kilometres miles ahead of me to the finish, I left New Salem at 6:30pm .  It took me 10 or 15km to regain my rhythm on the hills of Western Massachusetts .  By 7:30pm , darkness enveloped the road on a rough, unmarked stretch of pavement in a heavily wooded sector.  Though riding strongly again, I wondered if the unending series of hill climbs would ever end.  Finally, I reached some smooth pavement, flatter stretches and the occasional town out about 60 kilometres from the end.  I stopped for a coffee and donut (i.e. caffeine and sugar pick-me-up) in the town of Clinton about 40 kilometres out before pressing on.  Sensing the finish line was now within reach, I increased my efforts - though checking out each and every nighttime course cue carefully so I wouldn't get lost - and made it to the finishing line at 12:25am .  

Total riding time was 68hours and 25minutes, nearly a whole day ahead of the 90hour cut-off time, and within 50+ age group qualifying time for Race Across America (RAAM). 

I am ever so grateful to the Hamilton Cycling Club for encouragement and very generous support of Parkinson Society Canada .

Ken Jobba

Inspired? Club was and donated $250. If you want to add your support for Parkinson's research click on the link below.

SuperWalk Pledges for Parkinson's .

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