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Good Friday 2004 Results

These are now based on Commissaires Official Sheets

We still have medals unclaimed for CAT 2   1st - Roy Mathieu Espoirs Laval, 2nd - Jeff Schiller USA & 3rd  Joe Lepine Bicyles + .  You can phone 905-577-9922 to arrange pick up or mail

Rod McEwan - we have your medal for 1st in Senior 3!

Riders  - stories/pictures on race are in the Guelph Tribune

Issues e-mail events@ontariocycling.org

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Cadets (3 Riders)

Overall Cat Name Club
3 1st Mark Hinnen Gears
8 2nd Kevin Hazzard Hamilton CC
10 3rd Charlie Bryer Hamilton CC

Juniors (12 Riders - 1DNF)

Overall Cat Name Club
1 1st Peter Edge Tom Pro Bike
2 2nd Adam Morka Hardwood Hills
4 3rd Richard Bell McMaster
5 4th Kyle Douglas 3Rox Racing
6 5th Greg Knapp St Catherines
7 6th Eric Robertson Waterloo CC
9 7th Ian Manning Bikesport Pfaff
11 8th Alex Korten St Catherines
12 9th Keith Gauld McBride FitFix
13 10th Craig Brown Coach Chris
14 11th Sean McCormack Brantford Cyclepath

Master B (39 Riders)

vetbcd_peleton.jpg (165474 bytes)    vetBCD-1.jpg (72421 bytes)    mazur.jpg (101794 bytes)

1st Mirek Mazur Midweek
2nd Nigel Roberts Mississauga
3rd Robert Brisson Ind
4th Mark Shaw Chain Reaction
5th Robert Sule Chain Reaction
6th David Pierce Bike Sports Pfaff
7th Frank Preston Chain Reaction
8th Greg Cushing D'Ornellas
9th ??  
10th Malcolm Eade D'Ornellas
11th ??  
12th Marc Polsinelli Pavan Cycling
13th Pierre Perrin Mississauga
14th Scott Roberts Coach Chris
15th Dave Riley Ind
16th Brad Nickorick Cyclepath Oakville
17th ?  
18th Paul Dean Westhaven Homes
19th ?  
20th Alex Pond Midweek
21st ?  
22nd Carlos Goncalves Westhaven Homes
23rd Mike Demczuk Ind
24th John Duncan Brampton Cycling


Master C  (13 Riders)

Overall Cat Name Club
5 1st Doug Corner Ottawa Bike Rule
9 2nd Steve Ciazynski St Catherine
13 3rd Ziggy Martuzalski Ziggy's
17 4th Grant Strahl Newmarket
24 5th Brian Chewter Hamilton CC
26 6th Bob Steer Coach Chris
30 7th Mike Viel Pavan
33 8th Allan Consky Ind
42 9th Jim Wadleigh Waterloo CC
48 10th Bruce Camacho D'Ornellas
49 11th Steve Hamilton Madonna Wheelers
50 12th Bill Buckley Ind
51 13th John McGinn Mississauga


Master D (3 Riders ?)

20 1st Jan Kocemba Ind
39 2nd Peter Hein Madonna Wheelers
40 3rd Tim Porter Midweek


Master A  (86 Riders - 12 DNF)

veta_preem.jpg (127349 bytes)

1st Stephen Heck Sport Swap
2nd Gerard Yeates Sports Swap
3rd Frank Watts Ind
4th Nicholas Dwyer Reynold Koolini
5th Sean Klobucar Reynold Koolini
6th Eric Crudell Bikesport Pfaff
7th Jean-Paul Tesslin Ind
8th Keith Peck Waterloo CC
9th Tom Gramegma Mississauga
10th Chris Paton Mississauga
11th Chris Bartholomew Peterborough CC
12th Chris Helwig Coach Chris
13th Greg Palmer Coach Chris
14th Kieren Andrews Peterborough CC
15th Andrew Doble Hardwood
16th Garnett Abbey D'Ornellas
17th Sergio Bolzon Ind
18th James Layfield Ind
19th Chris Cavacuiti Cervelo
20th Randy Gordon Ind
21st 418 or 438  
22nd ?  
23rd ??  
24th Hank Verhoeven Madonna Wheelers
25th James Blackburn St Catherine's
26th John Holland Ind
27th ??  
28th Cary Moretti Cervelo
29th Paul Martinek Ind
30th ??  
31st ??  
32nd Steven Alexander Multi Lazer
33rd ??  
34th ??  
35th John Sandre Bike Sports
36th ?? Somerset on jersey  
37th Dave Johnston Waterloo
38th David Jack Mississauga
39th ??  
40th 496? No such # signed in  
41st Scott Morison Peterborough
42nd ??  
43rd Glenn Cameron KHS Bicycles
44th Michael Forsdiko Coach Chris
45th Andrew Nicholas Ind
46th Peter Turk Midweek
47th Craig Vedora Coach Chris
48th Rob Parsons Hamilton CC
49th Rib West Ind
50th Glenn Cameron KHS Bicycles
51st Stephane Deshales St Catherine's
52nd Chris Ziziak Bikesport Pfaff
53rd ??  
54th Dave Scott Ind
55th Roberto Vani Reynold Kootini
56th Frank Grillo Tom's Pro Bike
57th Duncan Salisbury Bikesports
58th John Wiman Ind
59th Andrew Szafranski Ind
60th Andre Sirois Ind
61st Greg Knights Squire Johns
62nd Alex Sanna Waterloo Flying D's
63rd James Bongard KHS Bicycles
64th Ed Makarchuk KHS Bicycles
65th Martin Ray Ind
66th Vinze Jason KHS Bicycles
67th Antonio Llakossis Coach Chris
68th Carlos Barros KHS Bicycles
69th Gerard Yeates Sports Swap Racing

Senior 3  (57 Riders 6 DNF)

snr3-1.jpg (123795 bytes)    peleton.jpg (143243 bytes)

1st Rod McEwan Ind
2nd Matt Forfar St Catherines
3rd Patrick Tuite Midweek
4th Rob Good Waterloo
5th Axel Bergman Mississauga
6th Shawn Cranwell Hamilton CC
7th Bob West St Catherine's
8th Brad King Hamilton CC
9th ?? McMaster
10th Kevin Mahoney (US) Handlebars
11th Thomas Freure St Catherine's
12th Rob Potton Midweek
13th ?? McMaster?
14th Shane Lavall St Catherine's
15th Paul Tellisman Ind
16th ?? ??
17th Andrew Fell Waterloo
18th Jose Paul Amaral Bikesport Pfaff
19th Steve Ferguson McBride Fit-fix
20th Duncan Jackson Midweek
21st Paul Salvo Lanterne Rouge
22nd Andrew McDonald Pavan Cycling
23rd John-Paul Stickle St Catherine's
24th Jarrod Forrest McBride Fix Fit
25th Sean Sinclair Speed River CC
26th Rob Samide Ind
27th Kyle Smith Cyclepath
28th Keith Moore McMaster
29th Mark Cleland McMaster
30th Garth Logan Hamilton CC
31st Steven Smith Ind
32nd Christian Schwabe (US) Verge Test Pilot
33rd Kelly Boucher Lanterne Rouge
34th Matthew Pyatt Waterloo
35th Michael Andres Ind
36th 30?? (not on sign in)  
37th Jeff Sears Speed River
38th Jason Cormack Ind
39th Scott Dorfman (US) Handlebars
40th Ian Gardiner McMaster
41st Jason Picard Ind
42nd Andrew Fell Waterloo
43rd Chris Bruckner Ind
44th Daniele Zucconi Ind
45th Steve Loker Flying Dogs
46th Don Magie Ind
47th Ivan Skorotko Lanterne Rouge
48th Ian Jarvis McMaster

Ladies (38 Riders 4 DNF)

Cat Place Name Club
S2 1st Sue Trimble Gears/Ind
S1 2nd Jennifer Stephenson Cervelo
S 3rd Julia Farrell Cervelo
S 4th Amy Moore Quark
S 5th Anna Tratnyek Gears
S 6th Leigh Hobson Cervelo
Elite 7th Joanne Uhlmann Gears
Elite 8th Tara Ross McMaster
S 9th Gidney Holland McMaster
S2 10th Stephanie Martinek Ind
S3 11th Kathy Finnegan Queen City
S3 12th Lesley Honsberger St Catherine's
S3 13th Krystal Jeffs McMaster
S 14th Maogosha Pyjor Animus
S3 15th Sarah-Jans Chilton Animus
S3 16th Jaymie McGavin McMaster
S3 17th Fay Trimble Ind
S 18th Heather Morrissey Team McBride
S 19th Anne Guzman Mississauga
S 20th Emily Batty 3 Rox Racing
S2 21st Mary-Ellen Ash 3 Rox Racing
S1 22nd Julia Bradley Animus
S3 23rd Karina Sacco Animus
S3 24th Helen Butt Midweek
M 25th Cynthia Swain Tom's Pro Bike
S 26th Nanci Dodman Cervelo
Jr 27th Charlotte Batty 3 Rox Racing
S 28th Claudine LaBelle Cervelo Gyroscopic
M 29th Krysta Witney Waterloo
M 30th Sandy Thayer Ind
Jr 31st Lisa Slaven Coach Chris
Novice 32nd Mary Morandin Ind
S3 33rd Heather Davidson Lanterne Rouge


Senior 1/2 (68 Riders 7 DNF)

Cat Place Name Club
1 1st Kevin Miller Jetfuel
1 2nd Nira De Orduna St Catherine's
1 3rd Joe Giuliana Italpasta
2 4th Roy Mathieu Espoirs Laval
2 5th Jeff Schiller USA
1 6th Heath Cockburn La Bricketta J Lindelberg
2 7th Joe Lepine Bicycles Plus
1 8th Piers Davidge  
1 9th Aaron Fillion Ottawa BC
2 10th Derek Zandstra 3 Rox Racing
2 11th Christopher Atkins Midweek
2 12th Mark Pozniak Gears
1 13th Nathan Chown Gears
2 14th Martin Lazarski Gears
2 15th Dan Staffo Verge Sports
2 16th Trevor Koker Waterloo
2 17th Michael Barylski Coach Chris
1 18th Jeffrey Hansen Jet Fuel
2 19th Andrew Hickman Mississauga
2 20th Rod Hisecrk St Catherine's
1 21st Maurice Ruelland Maple Leaf
2 22nd Noel Savage Peterborough
2 23rd Addision Mor-Lynne Espoirs Laval
2 24th Neil Hendry Bikesport Pfaff
1 25th Michael Moore Gears
2 26th Stefan Kramer St Catherine's
2 27th James Wadden Ind
2 28th Terrence Martineau OBC
1 29th Dan Lefebre Gears St Catherine
1 30th Nathan Chown Gears
2 31st Andrew Hickman Mississauga
2 32nd Matthew Guse Waterloo
2 33rd Steven Burget ??
2 34th Tim Oliver Gears
1 35th Matt Hansen Jet Fuel
2 36th Kevan Cranmer Freewheel
1 37th Patrick Shea KHS Bicycles
1 38th Craig Deveer Gears
2 39th Matt Pattersen Gears
2 40th Dave Vukets Waterloo
2 41st Eric Stock St Catherine's
2 42nd Michael Dennis Gears
1 43rd Paul Hernak Mississauga
2 44th Roy Davide Espoirs Laval
2 45th Shawn Glass Midweek
2 46th Andrew Leach Espoirs Laval
2 47th Todd Scheske ??
2 48th Tyler Heltzman Gears
1 49th Daniel Maggiacomo Hal Parta Balmira
1 50th Bruce Krip Midweek
2 51st Jason MacLaren Ind
2 52nd Jamie Sprules Midweek
2 53rd Greg Roth Italpasta
2 54th Antonio Stundner Espoirs Laval
2 55th James Costello Handlebars
1 56th Peter Morse Midweek
2 57th Kurt Schreiter Waterloo
2 58th Matt Douglas 3 Rox Racing
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