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April 21 2000

The Good Friday Road Race

Hanlon Industrial Park, Guelph

Seniors 3 get ready to race

The course is a flat 3km loop with a slight rise before the start/finish area.  Heavy rain was forecast but except for the Senior 3 race we enjoyed dry if damp weather. The road surface remained wet and a head wind was experienced in the back stretch. Crashes occurred in the Junior/Vet BCD race, The Veteran A & Seniors 1/2. The former crashes occurred on the straightway the Senior 1/2 was a major event just before the finish line. No serious injuries appear to have occurred.

Additional positions are available from the OCA site.

Vet A Pack in the back stretch.Club volunteers running the registration deskCommissaires compare notes

Race Results

Junior Men 40km

Position Name Club Time
1 Ryan Roth Woodstock CC 1:03:30
2 Thomas Sulatycky St Catherines CC st
3 Andrew Elgar Ind. st
4 Ryan Savoy Ind. st
5 Mike Edmonds Cobourg CC 1:40 behind
6 Buck Miller St Catherines CC 3:15 behind


Master B/C/D 40+ Men 40km

1/1B John Sartori (B) Ziggy's CC 1:03:30
2/2B Gary Scully (B) Halton R&T st
3/3B Tony Abramavicius (B) Mississauga CC st
4/1C Desi Desrochers (C) Ind.
(Hamilton CC?)
5/4B Neil Crawford (B) West of Qc. Wheelers st
6/2C Jerry Garrard (C) Zzoom st
7/5B Chris Ford (B) Waterloo Flying Dogs st
8/1D John Parkinson (D) Newmarket Eagles st
9/3C Dave Viney (C) Team Hardwood :08 behind
10/6B Johnathan Murphy (B) Halton R&T 1:40 behind
11/7B Brian Brill (B) D'Ornellas 2:10 behind
12/8B Martin Streef (B) Woodstock CC st
13/4C Peter Hein (C) Ind. st
14/2D Roy Conway (D) Waterloo Flying Dogs 1 lap behind (caught in crash)
15/3D Harold Osborne (D) Hamilton CC  

Master A 30-39 Men 40km

1 Chris Wood Waterloo Flying Dogs 1:01:04
2 Garnett Abbey Halton R&T st
3 Nigel Roberts Halton R&T st
4 Andrew Hoedlmoser Ind. st
5 Lee Fraser Kingston Velo st
6 Emanuel Martins Woodstock CC st
7 Keith Peck Ziggy's CC st
8 John Sandre Halton R&T st
9 Attila Hajdu London C. W. st
10 Robert Szasz Woodstock CC st

Senior 3 Men 40km

1 Enrico Traini Mississauga CC 0:59:20
2 Christophe Helwig London C. W. st
3 Matt Patterson OGC/Gary Fisher st
4 Lorne Anderson Ind. st
5 Joe Lepine Zzoom st
6 Duncan Salisbury Halton R&T st
7 Jason Vincze KHS st
8 Jack Garniss Ind. st
9 John Saulnier Mitzi's st
10 Mark Somers Queen City st

Senior Women 40km
gf_ladies4.jpg (28974 bytes)gf_ladies1.jpg (31881 bytes)gf_ladies2.jpg (35933 bytes)gf_ladies3.jpg (21092 bytes)

1 Leigh Hobson Charles Schwab 1:05:10
2 Julia Farell Intersports
3 Amy Jarvis Intersports st
4 Kimberly Davidge Elita st
5 Chloe Black Intersports
6 Linda Simonsen (M) Oakville CC 1:05 behind
7 Susan Portengen Ind. st
8 Amanda Kellett OGC Fisher st
9 Catherine Farrel Trek st
10 Julia Kameron Trek st

Senior 1/2 Men 50km

1 Kevin Speacht Kiro Steamwhistle 1:11:35
2 Malcolm Munro Intersports st
3 Piers Davidge Mississauga CC st
4 Josh Hall Jet Fuel Coffee st
5 Sean Kelly Jet Fuel Coffee st
6 Hans Strasser Queen City st
7 Barry Reid Ind. st
8 David Fry RNH st
9 Peter Morse Kiro Steamwhistle st
10 Peter Sanowar Intersports st


Paul Rego

Jason Valenti

Oakville CC

Brampton CC

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