Year-end Awards – 2011

Congrats to all of the winners below awarded trophies and medals at the 2011 HCC Awards Banquet on Nov. 5, 2011:


Tony Morelli

  • Jamie Kerr BAR – Male Trophy(for best overall rider)
  • -BAR Master B Men 1st
  • -Andy Keyes Century RR-2nd
  • -TT Championship MMB -2nd
  • -Binbrook 40Km Aero MMB -3rd-28/5/11
  • -Binbrook 40km Aero MMB-3rd-16/7/11
  • -Falkland 40km Aero MMB-3rd-18/6/11
  • -Falkland 40km Aero MMB-2nd-06/08/11
  • -Safari 15km Aero MMB-2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-2nd

Eritia Smit

  • Two Trophies: BAR Women’s (best overall rider), and Fastest 20km TT Trophy
  • -BAR Women’s Senior
  • -Binbrook 20km Aero –WS-1st
  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-WS-1st
  • -Safari 14km Aero-WS –1st
  • -Weirs Lane HC- WS-1st
  • -Sydenham HC-WS-1st

Jim Hutcheson

  • Trophy-Fastest 15km TT-Men
  • -Safari 15km Aero-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-1st
  • -BAR Master C Men- 3rd
  • -Safari Fastest 15km TT-21:20
  • -Indian Trail Fastest 15km TT-19:32

Sue Palmer-Komar

  • Trophy-Fastest 15km TT-Women’s
  • -Fastest 15km TT Aero
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-WS-1st

Chris Komar

  • Trophy-Andy Keyes Century Road Race
  • -Safari 15km Aero-MMB-3rd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MMB-2nd

Rob Droughan

  • Trophy-Fastest Men’s 20km
  • -Binbrook 20km-Aero-28/5/11-MMB-1st
  • -Binbrook 20km-Areo-16/7/11-MMB-1st
  • -Falkland 20km-Aero-18/6/11-MMB-1st
  • -Falkland 20km-Aero-06/08/22-MMB-1st

Steve Anschuetz

  • Trophy-Hogben Fastest 40km TT
  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-16/7/11/-MMB-1st
  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-28/05/11-MMB-1st
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-18/06/11-MMB-1st
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-06/08/11-MMB-1st
  • -Fastest Male 40km TT-1st
  • -TT Championship-MMB-1st
  • -BAR Master Men B-2nd
  • -Kerr Overall Rider-2nd
  • -Safari 15km-Merckx-MMB-1st

Shelly Mckee

  • Trophy-Nella Fastest 40km Female
  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-WMA-28/05/11-1st
  • -Falkland 40 Km Aero-WMA-18/06/11-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx WMA-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-WMA-1st
  • -BAR Master Women A-1st
  • -TT Championship MMA-1st
  • -Kerr Overall Champion-3rd
  • -40km TT Fastest Female

Charles Bryer

  • Trophy-Good Friday Road Race Men’s Champion

Suzie Brown

  • Trophy- Millennium Trophy-Good Friday Road Race Women’s Champion
  • -Safari 15km Aero WS 2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero WS-2nd
  • -BAR Senior Women-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC WS-2nd
  • -Women’s Overall Champion-2nd

Justin Mcspadden

  • Trophy-Most Improved Rider
  • – Safari 15km-Merckx-Cadet Men-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MC-3rd
  • -Sydenham HC-MC-2nd
  • -BAR Cadet Men-2nd

Marc Risdale

  • Trophy- Vince Hennessy Memorial-Volunteer of the Year

Shane McCormick

  • Trophy-Jennine Atanas Memorial-For Perseverance, Dedication and Sportsmanship
  • -Binbrook 20 Km Aero-Junior Men-1st
  • -Falkland 20km Aero-MJ-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MJ-1st
  • -TT Championship Junior Men-1st
  • -BAR Junior Men-1st

Jeff Landry

  • Trophy-HCC Mountain Bike Hill Climb Champion Men
  • Honarary Plaque and gift already presented

Nick Jones

  • Trophy Junior Mountain Bike Hill Climb Champion
  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-Cadet Men-3rd
  • -Weirs Lane HC –MC-1st
  • -Sydenham HC-MC-1st
  • -BAR Cadet Men-2nd

Melissa Cohen-White

  • Trophy- Fastest Women’s Combined Hill Climb
  • -Weirs Lane HC-WMA-1st
  • -Sydenham HC-WMA-1st
  • -BAR Master A Women-2nd

David Sanders

  • Two Trophies-1)Fastest Men’s Combined Hillclimb 2)Fastest Men’s Combined Merckx Races
  • -Indian Trail 15km-Merckx-Senior Men-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MS-1st
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MS-1st
  • -Sydenham HC-MS-1st
  • -BAR Senior Mens-2nd

Debbie Clarke

  • Trophy-Fastest Women’s Combined Merckx Races
  • -Binbrook 20km-Merckx-WMB-1st
  • -Safari 15km-Merckx-WMB-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km-Merckx-WMB-1st
  • -BAR Master B Women-1st



Alison Anderson

  • -Weirs Lane HC-WM-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-WM-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-1st
  • -BAR Minime Women-1st

Tom Anderson

  • -Binbrook 20km Merckx-MMB-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MMB-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MMB-3rd

William Anderson

  • -Binbrook 20km Merckx-20/05/11-MC-1st
  • -Binbrook 20km Merckx-16/07/11-MC-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MC-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-MC-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MC-2nd
  • -BAR Cadet Men-1st
  • -TT Championship Cadet Men

Wayne Atanas

  • -Binbrook 20 km Aero MMC-2nd

Richard Bartolo

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero 16/07/11-MMA-1st
  • -Falkland 40km Aero 18/06/11-MMA-1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MMA-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MMA-1st
  • -TT Championship-MMA-1st
  • -BAR Master Men A-1st

Marco Berube

  • -Binbrook 20 km Areo-28/05/11-MMA-1st
  • -Safari 15km Aero-MMA-1st

Cameron Brioux

  • -Binbrook 20km Merckx-MS-2nd

Rob Bruce

  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero MS-1st
  • -Binbrook 40km-05/28/11-TT Merckx-MS-1st

Rob Cheskey

  • -Safari 15km Aero-MMC-2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km-MMC-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MMC-1st

Carl Clarke

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero -MMB -2nd
  • -Safari 15km Aero-MMB-1st
  • -Indian Trai 15km Aero-MMB-1st
  • -Ayr Road Race -1st
  • -Andy Keyes Century Road Race-3rd
  • -BAR Master  B Men-3rd

Emmanuel Denou

  • -Falkland 40km Aero-18/06/11-MS- 1st
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-06/08/11-MS-1st
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MS-2nd
  • -BAR Senior Men-2nd

Erik Dickenson

  • -Binbrook 20km Merckx-16/07/11-MS-1st

Tony DiSilvestro

  • -Weirs Lane HC MMA-1st
  • -Sydenham Hill HC-MMA-1st
  • -BAR Master A Men-2nd

Lucy Elcome

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-16/07/11-WWA-2nd
  • -Falkland 40km Areo-18/06/11-WWA-2nd
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-06/08/11-WWA-1st
  • -BAR Master A Women-3rd

Michelle Fraser

  • -Falkland 20km Aero WWB-06/08/11- 1st
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-WWB-2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-WWB- 1st
  • -BAR Master B Women-2nd

Joe Harris

  • Falkland 40km Aero-06/08/11-MMB-3rd

Jordan Jones

  • Indian Trail 15km Merckx-MM-1st
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MM-1st
  • -Sydenham HC-MM-1st
  • -Mountain Bike Hill Climb Championship-Junior-2nd
  • -BAR Minime Men-1st

Ellen Maitland

  • -Binbrook 20km Aero-WWA-28/05/11-1st
  • -Binbrook 20km Aero-WWA-16/06/11-1st
  • -Falkland 20km Aero-18/06/11-WWA-1st
  • -Falkland 20km Aero-06/08/11-WWA-1st

John McCormack

  • -Binbrook 40km Merckx-MMA-1st
  • -BAR Master A Men-2nd

Peter Meadows

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-28/08/11-MMC-
  • -Binbrook 20km Aero-16/07/11-MMC
  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MMC-1st

Chris Neil

  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-MC-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MC-1st

Caleb Noftle

  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MPW-1st
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MPW-1st

Fred Pepper

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-28/05/11-MMB-2nd
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-18/06/11-MMB-2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MMB-3rd
  • -Weirs Lane HC- MMB-3rd
  • -TT Championship Master Men B 3rd

Sarah Rasmussen

  • -Safari 15km Aero-WS- 3rd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-WS-3rd
  • -BAR Senior Women-3rd

Phil Renaud

  • -Falkland 20km Merckx-18/06/11-MMB-1st
  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-MMB-1st

Alexander Rufenach

  • -Mountain Bike Hillclimb Championship-Junior-3rd
  • -Sydenham Hill HC-MPW-1st

Bert Rufenach

  • -Weirs Lane HC-MMC-2nd
  • -SydenhamHC-MMC-1st
  • -Mountain Bike Championship-Men-3rd
  • -BAR Master C Men-3rd

Chris Springer

  • -Binbrook 40km Aero-16/07/11-MMC-1st
  • -Falkland 40km Aero-18/06/11-MMC-1st
  • -TT Championship MMC-1st
  • -BAR Master C Men-1st

Doug Taylor

  • -Falkland 40km Aero-06/08/11-MMC-1st
  • -Safari 15km Aero-MMC-3rd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Aero-MMC3rd
  • -TT Championship Master C Men-2nd
  • -BAR Master C Men-2nd

Kabir Toor

  • -Safari 15km Merckx-MS-2nd
  • -Indian Trail 15km Merckx-MS-2nd
  • -Weirs Lane HC-MS- 3rd
  • -Sydenham Hill HC-MS-2nd
  • -BAR Senior Men-1st

Kyle Urquhart

  • -Binbrook 20km Aero-16/07/11-MS-1st

Gary Wisemen

  • -Binbrook 40km Merckx-28/05/11-MMB-1st
  • -Falkland 20km Aero-08/06/11-MMB-2nd

Tim Young

  • -Weirs Lane HC-MMC-3rd


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