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See Notes and Locations below.

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* All Hill Climbs require three attempts
* Binbrook and Falkland TTs have a 20km & 40km race
* Weekly race start time is 7pm (but be there by 6:30pm latest for registration)
* Weekend TTs/races start at 9am (but be there by 8:30am latest for registration)

The gradients provided by ride with GPs are wildy understated (8% on Weirs Lane for ex)!

LOCATIONS & Race Route Maps

Location Ayr Road Race, 44 km   Race Route Ayr 44km

Four laps of an 11km course. Starts at top of Swan St @ Burnside. Route goes toward Paris, turns right on Drumbo, then right on Burns Oxford and then right onto Piper into Ayr then right onto Swan again.

Ayr 100km Road Race Race Route Ayr 100 RR

Route is  nine laps same as above.

Location Harrisburg Road Race 40k Race Route Harrisburg 40k

3 laps of 13km course. Start at Conc 2 and Lynden Rd rolling terrain then drops down into valley with stiff climb up to intersection  Route climbs up to Hwy 5 then 5 to Lynden Rd turning right again onto Conc 2.  start/finish

Andy Keyes Harrisburg RR 94km Race Route Keyes 100

7 laps of 13.4km same as above for course

Binbrook – 20km or 40km Race Route Binbrook TT

Both. Starts Binbrook Road at Hendershott Rd (1 km east of Hwy 56). Out & back starting eastbound on Binbrook Rd.

Falkland 20 and 40km Race Route Falkland TT

Parking and registration at Pelton Brothers Trucking at 425 King Edward St (just east of Bishop’s Gate Rd. Start/Finish about 100 metres east of there. Exit 403 on Hwy 24 S turn right on #24 then left on Powerline two concessions then turn right on Bishops Gate to K Edward.

Indian Trail 14.5km TT Course Map
Start approx. at Lynden Road and Garden Ave, Brantford. Turn around is 7.2km east on Indian Trial just before the Hamilton side of Lynden Road

Safari Road Time Trial Course Map
Start approx. 20m from the intersection of Safari and Brock. Turn around at the 70km sign just past Valens Road. Course Distance 15.4 km

White Swan 15km TT   Course Map

Start is  on White Swan Rd about 1km in from Highway 2 (Colborne St which is continuation of Wilson St) and 4km west of Alberton. Park on right hand grassy shoulder on rise up from creek.

Ridge Rd Race Route

Snake Road

Race Route Snake HC
Start where Snake is closest to the 403 and go until just before the wooden bridge as you enter Waterdown

Sydenham Hill Climb
Start approx. 5m from Alma and Sydenham beside the school. Up to the merge traffic sign at the top. Course Distance 1.3km

Weir’s Lane 1.8 km Race Route Weir’s Lane

Starts corner of Johnstone Ave/Weir’s Lane just off Governor’s Rd. Finish at Reformed Church 100 metres before Hwy 8.

Questions? Contact Martin at  reid.wm(at)gmail.com for info.