Ayr Road Race 2011 – July 30, 2011

Ayr Road Race 2011

Photo: Martin Reid. More at http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvxvRi2


This was billed as an Australian Pursuit but no one chose to go off early, so it became a standard mass start. Early breaks were caught but three riders got away in the second lap to be joined by two more riders, including  club trophy winner Chris Komar. A second break group became the chase, catching the original break in the third. This group stayed away with limited chase efforts by the peleton of 12 riders.

Kabir, in his first race, was urged to go with a 20 minute lead. Despite being dropped in the second lap he gamely carried on to the finish line, being caught by the lead group but not the peleton (See Kabir, you could have placed 8th!) More riders retired in the laps that followed.

Although we have given same time to many riders, race winner John Stwart had a two-second lead. The weather was sunny, low to mid 20s, as the day wore on.


  1. John Stwart  A 2:40
  2. Dave Enns   A  st
  3. Byron King   A  st
  4. Chris Komar  M  st   Keyes Trophy winner
  5. Tony Morelli  M  st    Keyes 2nd
  6. Ray Lee         A  st
  7. Carl Clarke     M  st  Keyes 3rd
  8. Miguel Novo   A   3:50
  9. Craig Doucet  A    st
  10. Fred Perez    A    3:55
  11. Suzy Brown  M     st  Keyes 1st Lady
  12. Bruce Camadro   A   st
  13. Shawn Cranwell   A   st
  14. Kabir Toor   M   1 lap  Keyes 5th

Emmanuel  Denou M   DNF 5th Lap
Michael White   A        DNF 5th Lap
Morgan McPhee  A      DNF 5th Lap
Joel Rose    A             DNF 4th Lap
Zack Jones  A             DNF  3rd Lap
Paul Chisholm   A        DNF  3rd Lap Mech

Thanks: Race Organizers Doug Taylor & Martin Reid (more of Martin’s pics here)