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2003 Awards Banquet

For 2003 the banquet was held once again at the Winchester Arms in Dundas. At least 40 members and wives, significants etc were in attendance.. We settled down to dinner at 7pm and by 8:30pm were ready for some speechmaking! Martin MC'd introducing some of our stars for the season. Sean Scott winner of the Nationals TT - Master A, Fred Pepper winner of the Nationals TT Masters B and last but not least Sue Palmer-Komar  who placed 3rd in the Nationals road race and 13th in the World's RR (1st North American across the line). Sean & Scott shared some of there moments with us followed by a neat video done on Sue leading up to and following the World's. Sue also gave us a brief rundown on her World's experience. The club presented Sue with a bouquet of flowers and Sharon George's wife also received flowers by way of thanks for putting up with us at the "Not Dundurn" cyclocross event.

George Garrett and Randy Brown gave out the awards for the season most of which we captured below. My apologies for any errors and for those not yet captioned.

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Awards for 2003

(note no BAR as required event not held?)

EVENT Gold Silver Bronze
Nella 40km TT M Mazur 53:45 F Pepper 56:15 H Dudko 1:00:12
Hogben 80km TT T Spielvogel 2:06:27 - -
Andy Keyes Century RR (88km) D Vansickle G Logan R Brown
15km TT Series (avg best  5) Senior R Cheskey 21:00:04 H Dudko 22:42:04 G Logan 23:29:08
15km Series Vet (handicapped) D Taylor 20:38:01 P Morris 22:15:03 M Reid 23:28:07
15km TT Series Women Marva Taylor 30:07:02 - -
15km TT Series Cadet Z Morris 23:18:02 - -
Fastest 15km TT Sean Scott 19:52    
Most Improved Rider Zack Morris    


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