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2004 Awards Banquet

Dec 4th 2004 


We had about 35 members and guests. Chris K was MC and all were welcomed by our retiring President Don Sloan. Dinner was served with great service and all said how good the food was. Heather and Carl were our "guest" speakers. Both are new members and told us what attracted them to HCC and how they were enjoying membership so far! Our event wrapped up by 9pm The band Crooked Jack then spent 1 hour calling out "testing 123" apparently a hit song of theirs before trying out some other songs. We were all out of there by 10:30pm.

chrisK.jpg (20065 bytes)   bradclarke04.jpg (19165 bytes)   heather04.jpg (21929 bytes)   naomi04.jpg (19945 bytes)   farr04.jpg (20005 bytes)    keyes04.jpg (20321 bytes)   cheskey04.jpg (19704 bytes)  

Left to right - speeched by Chris K, Carl Clarke & Heather Simpson. Naomi Cermak with Women's TTCs, Peter Farr with 2nd Sen M TTC & 3rd Hogben, Garth Logan winner A Keyes & Rob Cheskey 3rd 15km TTC

brenda.jpg (34574 bytes)    heather.jpg (32106 bytes)    fast15.jpg (41055 bytes)    nella.jpg (62380 bytes)   robzych.jpg (34296 bytes)    scott.jpg (32500 bytes)

Flowers for Brenda & Heather for their great help running events, Mirek Mazur our fastest 15km, Fred Pepper with Nella award, Rob Zych with medal for 3rd position in mens' TTC and Sean Scott collecting medals for 1st in 15km TTC & 2nd in Keyes century.

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Various pictures of our banquet gathering - good times and fellowship!


Terry Spielvogel, Peter Shouten, Dermot Kelly, Doug & Marva Taylor & Peter Morris were unable to attend. Contact Chris K to pick up your medals and trophies.

Senior TTC (15km TTC Aug 17, 2 40K TT) must do 2 of 3
1st Terry Spielvogel 19pts Trophy & Medal
2nd Peter Farr 17 Medal
3rd Peter Schouten 14 Medal
Women TTC (Women TTC Aug 24, Everyone TTC Aug 17, Falkland 40k TT) must do 2 of 3 Only one contender but met standards Trophy & Medal
1st Naomi Cermak 19pts
Vets TTC same as Seniors but handicapped .6 sec per year per km
1st Dermott Kelly 20pts Trophy & Medal
2nd Doug Taylor 19 Medal
3rd Rob Zych 17 Medal
No Junior, Cadet or Vet Women's TTC winners as none did 2 of 3 events
Andy Keyes 100km RR - Ayr
1st Garth Logan Trophy & Medal
2nd Sean Scott Medal
3rd Brad Nickorick Medal
Hogben 40km TT Falkland
1st Doug Taylor 1.01.38 Trophy & Medal
2nd Terry Spielvogel 1.03.18 Medal
3rd Peter Farr 1.06.52 Medal
Nella 40km TT Binbrook
1st Fred Pepper 55.53 Trophy & Medal
2nd Dermot Kelly 1.01.38 Medal
3rd Terry Spielvogel 1.02.34 Medal
Fastest 15km TT
Mirek Mazur 19.58 Trophy
15 km TTC Senior (avg best 5)
1st Sean Scott 20.13 Medal
2nd Fred Pepper 20.55 Medal
3rd Rob Cheskey 21.26 Medal
15km TTC Vets (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec per km per yr)
1st Dermott Kelly 19.32 Medal
2nd Doug Taylor 20.35 Medal
3rd Peter Morris 21.50 Medal
15km TTC Women (avg best 5)
1st Naomi Cermak 24.25 Medal
2nd Marva Taylor 31.49 Medal
Most Improved Rider Trophy
Naomi Cermak




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