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This year the Awards Banquet will be held as before at Sláinte Pub (33 Bowen St) in downtown Hamilton. Mark your calendars for November 24th!  Just come with your wife/husband or friend. Cocktails/beer at 6:00pm dinner at 7:00pm awards at 8pm.

After 9pm  dance or tap your toes to the Doletinkers a genuine celtic band.

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2007 HCC Banquet pictures

  Awards for 2007


Jamie Kerr Memorial Best Overall Champion
1st Mark Harvey 46points Trophy & Medal
2nd Carl Clarke 22 Medal
2nd Chris Komar 22 Medal
BAR Seniors - 15km TT Aug 14, 40km TT Hogben, 40 km RR, 100km RR, Syd. Hill Climb  Must enter 3 
1st Mark Harvey 39 Trophy & Medal
BAR Masters same as Seniors
1st Doug Taylor 27 points Trophy & Medal
2nd Wayne Atanas 20 Medal
BAR - Women - 15km TT Aug 21, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, 100km RR, Hill Climb - 
1st No qualifier Trophy & Medal
BAR Master Women - same as above
1st Mary Clare Haley 39  Medal
BAR Juniors same as above - No qualifiers
BAR Cadets 15km TT Aug 22, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, Hill Climb - No qualifiers
Senior TTC (15km TTC Aug 29, 2 40K TT) must do 2 of 3
1st Henry Dudko 26 Trophy & Medal
2nd Mark Harvey 25 Medal
3rd Mirek Mazur 20 Medal
Women TTC (Women TTC Aug 22, Everyone TTC Aug 29, Falkland 40k TT) must do 2 of 3 
1st No qualifier Trophy & Medal
Master Men TTC same as Seniors but handicapped .6 sec per year per km
1st Joseph Harris 26 Trophy & Medal
2nd James Hutchinson 20 Medal
3rd David Wooley 15 Medal
Master Women TTC same as Women
1st Mary Claire Haley 20 Trophy & Medal
Junior TTC same as women - No qualifier
Cadets TTC - same as women - No qualifier
Andy Keyes 100km RR - Ayr
1st Chris Komar 2:50:40 Trophy & Medal
2nd Mark Harvey 2:50:40 Medal
3rd Marie Claire Haley 2:55:00 Medal
Nella 40km TT Binbrook
1st Mirek Mazur 53:58 Trophy & Medal
2nd Dave Wooley 58:23 Medal
3rd Jim Hutchinson 58:43 Medal
Hogben 40km TT Falkland
1st Garth Logan 57:56 Trophy & Medal
2nd Henry Dudko 57:59 Medal
3rd Mark Harvey 59:56 Medal
Fastest 15km TT
Mirek Mazur 19:40 Trophy
15 km TTC Senior (avg best 5)
1st Mirek Mazur 20:12 Medal
2nd Mark Harvey 22:16 Medal
3rd David Enns 24:36 Medal
15km TTC Vets (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec per km per yr)
1st James Hutchinson 19:32 Medal
2nd Doug Taylor 20:10 Medal
3rd Dave Wooley 20:50 Medal
15km TTC Women (avg best 5)
1st No qualifier   Medal
15km TTC Master Women (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec perk km per yr)
1st No qualifier Medal
15km TTC Juniors (avg best 5)  No qualifiers
15km TTC Cadets (avg best 5)
1st Matt Gallo 22:25 Medal
Most Improved Rider
Mark Harvey Trophy & Medal


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