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Our Awards Banquet was held Dec 2nd this year. 

Wayne Atanas was our MC as approx 50 members and guests enjoyed Slainte food and bev. President Chris wrapped up the season for us then Mirek Mazur introduced Sue. Sue Palmer had a great little number comparing rules for kindergarten with rules for bike riders ex No hitting - they may hit back! Our projector was missing a cable so Sue's slide show was done straight off her laptop. We hope to have that slide show up on the site before long for all to enjoy!

Tara Ross winner of GF this year and Valley Park two yeasr running got a great assist from memebrs present when we passed the hat to help with her funds for the World Cyclocross Championships in Belgium Jan 29 $300! Check out Tara's blog on links page

Then the Awards! Our winners are listed below and pictures on a seperate page. We missed Doug Taylor, Mary Clare Haley (illness in family), Ralph Clarke, Garth Loagan, Matt Kings, Jason Ostafichuk and Walter Piersanti who all have trophies and medals to collect. Please make arrangemnets to pick up from Chris Kiriakopoulos!


  Awards for 2006


Jamie Kerr Memorial Best Overall Champion
1st Doug Taylor 41points Trophy & Medal
2nd Mark Harvey 40 Medal
3rd Naomi Cermak 37 Medal
BAR Seniors - 15km TT Aug 29, 40km TT Hogben, 40 km RR, 100km RR, Syd. Hill Climb  Must enter 4 
1st Mark Harvey 35 Trophy & Medal
BAR Masters same as Seniors
1st Doug Taylor 38 points Trophy & Medal
BAR - Women - 15km TT Aug 22, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, 100km RR, Hill Climb - 
1st Naomi Cermak 40 Trophy & Medal
BAR Master Women - same as above
1st Mary Clare Haley 40  Medal
BAR Juniors same as above - No qualifiers
BAR Cadets 15km TT Aug 22, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, Hill Climb - No qualifiers
Senior TTC (15km TTC Aug 29, 2 40K TT) must do 2 of 3
1st Mark Harvey 18pts Trophy & Medal
Women TTC (Women TTC Aug 22, Everyone TTC Aug 29, Falkland 40k TT) must do 2 of 3 
1st Naomi Cermak 30 Trophy & Medal
Master Men TTC same as Seniors but handicapped .6 sec per year per km
1st Doug Taylor 30 Trophy & Medal
2nd Wayne Atanas 24 Medal
3rd Ralph Clarke 21 Medal
Master Women TTC same as Women
1st Mary Claire Haley 30 Trophy & Medal
Junior TTC same as women - No qualifier
Cadets TTC - same as women - No qualifier
Andy Keyes 100km RR - Ayr
1st Mike Hruska 2:33:32 Trophy & Medal
2nd Naomi Cermak 2:50:26 Medal
3rd Doug Taylor 2:50:43 Medal
Hogben 40km TT Falkland
1st Garth Logan 57:21 Trophy & Medal
2nd Matt Kings 1:01:40 Medal
3rd Doug Taylor 1:02:15 Medal
Nella 40km TT Binbrook
1st Doug Taylor 1:00:23 Trophy & Medal
2nd Walter Piersanti 1:01:11 Medal
3rd Naomi Cermak 1:05:59 Medal
Fastest 15km TT
Garth Logan 20:24 Trophy
15 km TTC Senior (avg best 5)
1st Garth Logan 20:40 Medal
2nd Mark Harvey 23:17 Medal
3rd Jason Ostafichuk 24:23 Medal
15km TTC Vets (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec per km per yr)
1st Doug Taylor 20:15 Medal
2nd Carl Clarke 21:13 Medal
3rd Walter Piersanti 22:05 Medal
15km TTC Women (avg best 5)
1st Naomi Cermak 23:46 Medal
15km TTC Master Women (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec perk km per yr)
1st Mary Clare Haley 26:18 Medal
2nd Heather Simpson 29:11 Medal
15km TTC Juniors (avg best 5)  No qualifiers
15km TTC Cadets (avg best 5)
1st Matt Gallo 24:06 Medal
Most Improved Rider
Matt Gallo Trophy & Medal


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