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Once again we held our Awards Banquet Nov 26th at the Slainte Irish Pub 33 Bowen St in downtown Hamilton We had a full house and more awards won than in recent years. 

Wayne Atanas was MC for the evening assisted by Chris K for the awards. During the proceedings incl dinner a slide show of club activities notably the youth wing put together by Chris ran in the background. After dinner Chris gave us a recap of the year followed by a humorous talk by Naomi Cermak recounting her year racing notably her first really big race in Montreal and how she survived a comedy of foul ups etc to finish the race respectably.

& finally the awards. 

Doug Taylor made a swoop marching off with three trophies and an additional two medals. Marva picked up one trophy to boot.

Mike Hruska in his 1st real year was our Most Improved Rider came in 3rd in the Andy Keyes on the heels of two Senior riders (he is a cadet) and won Cadets TTC and 15km Cadets TTC

Mirek was our fastest 15km rider at 19:45 took the seniors TTC and won the Hogben.

We still have medals for Graham Lamb 3rd place Hogben & 2nd 15km Senior TTC,  for Ken Jobba 2nd place Masters 15km TTC and winner Cadet 15km TTC - Mike Hruska (guess we forget to hand out Mike) . Phone Martin 905-577-9922 to arrange pick up.

Those few of us who did not have to get to bed before 9pm enjoyed some dazzling fiddle playing Celtic music by "Crooked Jack". 

See below for Awards. Check out pictures from the Banquet

How to get there (Click for Google map)




Jamie Kerr Memorial Best Overall Champion
1st Doug Taylor 39points Trophy & Medal
BAR Seniors - 15km TT Aug 16, 40km TT Hogben, 40 km RR, 100km RR, Syd. Hill Climb  Must enter 3- No qualifiers Note 40km RR not held
BAR Masters same as Seniors Note 40km RR not held
1st Doug Taylor 39 points Trophy & Medal
BAR - Women - 15km TT Aug 23, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, 100km RR, Hill Climb - No qualifiers Note 40km RR not held
BAR Master Women - same as above Note 40km RR not held
1st Mary Clare Haley 30  Medal
2nd Marva Taylor 27 Medal
BAR Juniors same as above - No qualifiers Note 40km RR not held
BAR Cadets 15km TT Aug 23, 40km TT Hogben, 40km RR, Hill Climb note 40km RR not held
No qualifiers but we note if held on same events as other categories Mike Hruska would have garnered 30 points placing 1st Cadet in 3 of 5 events instead of 2 Note 40km RR not held
Senior TTC (15km TTC Aug 16, 2 40K TT) must do 2 of 3
1st Sergei Stevens 18pts Trophy & Medal
2nd no qualifier Medal
3rd no qualifier Medal
Women TTC (Women TTC Aug 23, Everyone TTC Aug 16, Falkland 40k TT) must do 2 of 3 
1st No qualifier Trophy & Medal
Master Men TTC same as Seniors but handicapped .6 sec per year per km
1st Doug Taylor 20 Trophy & Medal
2nd Rob Zych 16 Medal
3rd No qualifier Medal
Master Women TTC same as Women
1st Mary Claire Haley 30 Trophy & Medal
2nd Heather Simpson 18 Medal
3rd No qualifier Medal
Junior TTC same as women - No qualifier
Cadets TTC - same as women
1st Mike Hruska 20 Medal
2nd Matt Gallo 18 Medal
Andy Keyes 100km RR - Ayr
1st Sean Scott Trophy & Medal
2nd Naomi Cermak Medal
3rd Mike Hruska Medal
Hogben 40km TT Falkland
1st Mirek Mazur 55:23 Trophy & Medal
2nd Doug Taylor 1:00:26 Medal
3rd Graham Lamb 1:05:01 Medal
Nella 40km TT Binbrook
1st Fred Pepper 56:56 Trophy & Medal
2nd Randy Brown 1:01:25 Medal
3rd Doug Taylor 1:02:37 Medal
Fastest 15km TT
Mirek Mazur 19.45 Trophy
15 km TTC Senior (avg best 5)
1st Mirek Mazur 19:59 Medal
2nd Graham Lamb 23:18 Medal
3rd Sergei Stevens 24:41 Medal
15km TTC Vets (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec per km per yr)
1st Doug Taylor 20:23 Medal
2nd Ken Jobba 22:18 Medal
3rd Wayne Atanas 23:27 Medal
15km TTC Women (avg best 5)
1st Naomi Cermak 24:35 Medal
15km TTC Master Women (avg best 5 handicapped .6 sec perk km per yr)
1st Mary Clarer Haley 26:20 Medal
2nd Heather Simpson 27:25 Medal
15km TTC Juniors (avg best 5)  No qualifiers
15km TTC Cadets (avg best 5)
1st Mike Hruska 23:54 Medal
Most Improved Rider
Mike Hruska Trophy & Medal


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