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April 18th 2003

Good Friday Road Race

After some scary weather including gale force winds on Thursday the weather settled down to cloudy overcast with occasional rain/drizzle in the morning to sunshine and 13 in the afternoon. Very moderate winds.

We had a fine turnout of 262 riders for the 1st event of the season! Prizes this year were restricted to medals along with the trophies. However a number of Bicycle shops put up over $2,000 of  bicycle equipment and clothing  prizes including an aluminum frame from Central Cycle of Hamilton won by Mark Shaw of Midweek Elite (Mark contact the club or Brian Chewter of Central Cycle 905  522-8445 to pick up your frame - we will be contacting you as soon as we can track down your phone number) in  a podium placings draw from all categories.

We have updated to provide first 20 places where possible. If you placed lower and would like your position e-mail us and we will check it out for you!

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Pictures courtesy The Picture Desk. This is a small sampling of the 133 pictures available. Check all the pictures and to order copies at thepicturedesk.ca. Truly outstanding photography!

Our own club pictures follow!

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Seniors 1/2 (44 entered)

An early break saw most if not all the top ten away from the pack.in a lead and chase group.

1st Peter Morse Midweek Elite
2nd Malcolm Munro Thornhill Saab
3rd Robert Mann KHS
4th Mathieu Roy Espoirs Laval
5th Nathan Chown Midweek Elite
6th Tyler Holtzman St Catherine's
7th Bruce Ketchham Midweek Elite
8th Wieditz Thorlsen Thornhill Saab
9th Marc W Addison Esprit Laval
10th Brian Truman Mississauga
11th Jeffrey Hansen Atlas Cold- Italpasta
12th Greg Roth Ind
13th David Fry Midweek
14th Josh Hall Jet Fuel
15th Chris Atkins Midweek
16th Bryan Rusche Atlas Cold - Italpasta
17th Joe Lepine Bicycles +
18th Jeff Sebiller LCW/Racer Sportif
19th Trevor Koker True North
20th Matthew Bonin Wolverine

Women (42 entered)

The winner went for an $83 preem and stayed away for the rest of the race followed by a small chase group.

1st Amy Moore Saturn
2nd Susan Trimble Gears Racing
3rd Julia Forell Verizon Wireless Cervelo
4th Chloe Black Terry Precision
5th Linda Sorensen Mountain Velo
6th Anita Lagler Mississauga
7th Emily Bietty Bay Cycle
8th Sarah-Jane Chilton Midweek CC
9th Moogosha Pyjor Midweek CC
10th Tara Mulder McMaster
11th Barbara Brzezicki Midweek
12th Sue Ferren Peterborough
13th Karina Succa Midweek
14th Tracy Vincze KHS
15th Kirstin Robbins Ind
16th Holland Gidney Ind
17th Heather Johnston Ind
18th Rosemary Garlapow Terry Precision
19th Amy Muher LCW Racer Sportif
20th Anna Garnett Ind

Seniors 3 (46 entered)

Despite a few attempts the group stayed together to the finish

1st Ramon Mira de Orduna St Catherine's
2nd Chris Bolton Thornhill Saab
3rd Mark Cleland McMaster
4th Andrew Szapranski Ind
5th Kurt Schreiter Ind
6th Jonathan Walker Multi-Laser
7th Bob Hiscock St Catherine's
8th John Paul Stickle St Catherine's
9th Gordon McFarlane Ind
10th Paul Telismen Ind

Veterans A (76 entered)

Biggest group of the day (used to be 3's or 1/2's!). Are we all just getting older.

1st Tom Gramegra Mississauga
2nd Erik Davis Mississauga
3rd Chris Paton Mississauga
4th Keith Peck Waterloo
5th Stephen Heck Sport Swap
6th Gordon Wodley Somerset Graphics
7th Jason Vineze KHS
8th Ed Makarchuk KHS
9th Carlos Barros Somerset Graphics
10th Jason Fitzsimmon Ind.
11th Greg Palmer Coach Chris
12th David Campbell Cyclepath
13th Eric Crudeli Bressan - France
14th Scott Buthlen Mississauga
15th Jose Paul Amaral Somerset
16th Rhys Spencer Mississauga
17th Dave Patterson Ind
18th Chris Monette Mississauga
19th Chris McCart Cyclepath
20th Chris Helwig Coach Chris

Juniors, Veterans B, C, D raced together (2nd result shown is pack position - pack of 54)

1st race of the day was in the rain throughout. A nasty crahs in the 1st half of the race brought down a number of riders and broke at least one collarbone.. Bunch finish..

Juniors (12 entered)


1st 6th Sean Bidon Bicycles +
2nd 9th Michaill Baryski KHS
3rd 13th Mark Batty Bay Cycle
4th 26th Keith Gauld Ind
5th 35th Peter Edge Buffalo
6th 42nd Andrew Wilson Atlas Cold
7th 46th Axani Jordan Skis & Bikes
8th 47th Mark Hinnen McMaster
9th 48th Forrest Jarrod Ind

Veterans B (31 entered)


1st 1st Marc Pasinelli Pavan
2nd 2nd Mark Shaw (frame winner see above) Midweek CC
3rd 3rd Mirek Mazar Hamilton CC
4th 5th David Pierce Somerset Graphics
5th 7th Granett Abbey D'Ornellas
6th 8th David Woolley Somerset Graphics
7th 11th Paul Dean Racer Sportif
8th 12th Carlos Gonsalves Coach Chris
9th 14th Rob Good Waterloo
10th 16th Brab Nickorick Cyclepath Oakville

Veterans C (8 entered)

1st 4th Doug Corner Ottawa
2nd 10th Desi Desrocher Hamilton CC
3rd 15th Peter Hein Newmarket
4th 39th Gordon Clarke Somerset Graphics
5th 40th Bruce Canacho D'Ornellas

Veterans D

1st 19th Jan Cocemba Ind.
2nd 23rd Gerry Garrard Bicycles +
3rd 34th John Parkinson Newmarket
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