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2007 Race Results

Tuesday 15km TT

Tour de Harrisburg


Sydenham Hill Climb Sept 5th

Mike McCaughey took 1st place for 3rd time running. Fastest full club member - Mark Harvey with a 5:00 knocking 14 seconds off his '06 time.

Place Rider Time 2006 2005
1st Mike McCaughey 4:22 4:10 3:42
2nd Steve McKee 4:44
3rd Simon Donato 4:48
4th Don Smith 4:45 4:42
5th Mark Harvey 5:00 5:14
6th Jake St Pierre 5:06 5:11
7th Derek Hudson 5:15
8th Chris Komar 5:17
9th Marie Clare Haley 6:56
10th Wayne Atanas 7:11

Hogben 40km TT @ Falkland Aug 11 

Course has been GPS adjusted by approx 27 metres more. Thanks to Fred & Heather Pepper for doing the turn in busy traffic. Congrats to Garth for winning the Hogben trophy and besting his previous times. Likewise Mark Harvey for breaking the hour - mark is having a great year. So close for Heather & Doug.

Place Rider Time 2006 2005
1st Garth Logan HCC 57:56 57:21 58:14
2nd Henry Dudko HCC 57:59    
3rd Mark Harvey HCC 59:56 1:07:09  
4th Heather Davidson-Mein  1:00:10 1:01:33 1:03:33
5th Doug Taylor HCC 1:00:18 1:02:15 1:00:26
6th Joe Harris HCC 1:1:01:07    
7th Marva Taylor HCC 1:26:06    

Snake Hill Climb Wed. July 25th

Place Rider Time 2006 2005
1st Rob Cheskey 6:32 6:13 6:24
2nd Mike McCaughey 6:35    
3rd Simon Donato 7:01    
4th Mark Harvey 7:08 7:08 7:34
5th Jake St Pierre 7:39    
6th Paul St Pierre 8:19 7:34  
7th Ken Wilson 8:25 8:03 8:45
8th Phil Renault 8:52    


Andy Keyes 100km RR July 14th

This was Australian Handicap with 1st group at 8:40am 2nd at 9:00 am and scratch group at 9:20am. We had 12 riders in all. Marie Claire with expected riders like Wayne Atanas floored with a baseball accident (baseball?) rode a 100km TT/RR and almost had victory when caught with 4km to go. Doug had to retire with cramps after riding strongly for the first 7 laps. Matt Gallo  after a few weeks absence due to injury was also riding well till he flatted. He jumped back in but had a lap to recover. No go. Rest of the pack (9 riders) rode together till the last hill when Walter Furlan and Shawn Cranwell pulled ahead for a 1 - 2. But the trophy goes to new member (but old friend of the club) Chris Komar 5th across the line but 1st HCC member. Mark is riding superbly this year and came in 7th. It was a cool start with threatening clouds - but other than a few spits at the end of the 8th lap the rain held off and in fact we had a good bit of sunshine but a fair bit of wind. Imagine the writers horror as racing secretary to show up at the start and discover a garage sale in full force across the street - was this the dreaded Ayr garagesaleamania? Fortunately not and it interfered little with the race. Matt's dad even bought a bell lap  for our race there!


Here is Mike Hruska's response as to why he did not defend his Keyes title


Mike wishes Chris (Oscar Friere) Komar congratulations on his win. He is sorry he could not be there to enjoy the race with his HCC friends and competitors. Mike was in Ottawa on the weekend to win the OCUP Junior 2007 Provincial Criterium Championship and also the overall Criterium Race for Juniors and Senior 3/4 Men. It was a good race with Mike testing the field a number of times, but unable to pull away with the ankle injury he has been nursing the last 4 weeks. On the last lap he set up well, pulled away on the last hill and sprinted to the finish for a clean win for the gold.



Place Name Club Time
1st Walter Furlan Independant 2:50:40
2nd Shawn Cranwell   s.t.
3rd Stan Ambis Waterloo s.t.
4th Phillip Moore Cyclepath Oakville s.t.
5th Chris Komar HCC s.t.
6th Doug Richards Pieriks s.t.
7th Mark Harvey HCC s.t.
8th Don Smith Pieriks s.t.
9th Mike McCaughey Pieriks s.t.
10th Marie Claire Haley HCC 2:55:0
11th Matt Gallo HCC 1 lap
  Doug Taylor HCC DNF


Nella 40km TT Binbrook June 23 2007

Fred Peper has now confirmed the actual 20km distance was 567 metres beyond where it should have been making the total distance 41.1 km instead of 40km. Accordingly we provide adjusted times below

Place Name Club Time Adj Time
1 Darko Ficko   53:26  51:50
2 Matt Crane   54:29 52:58
3 Mirek Mazur HCC 55:30 53:58
4 Brendan Mathias   56:00  54:28
5 Pavle Stanojevic   56:16  54:43
6 Adrian Huemmer   57:59  56:23
7 Jessica Spence   58:45 57:08
8 Jan Zak   59:26  57:47
9 Dave Wooley   60:02  58:23
10 Garnett Abbey   60:02  58:23
11 Jim Hutchinson   60:23  58:43
12 Alex Bhogal   60:30  58:50
13 Henry Dudko   61:35  59:53
14 Joseph Harris   61:40 59:58
15 Carl Clarke   61:48 60:06
16 Phil Palmer   62:03 60:20
17 Chris Chambers   62:04 60:22
18 Heather Davidosn-Meyn   62:42  60:58
19 Mark Harvey   63:20  61:35
20 Peter Morris   64:06  62:20
21 Walter Piersanti   67:04  65:13
22 Rob Zych   69:48  67:53
23 Peter Farr   71:59  70:00
24 Wayne Atanas   72:58 70:58
25 Mary Clare Haley   75:10  73:05


Ayr 44Km Road Race June 9 2007


Place Name Club Time
1st Fred Perez Access 1:10:40
2nd Mike Novo Access s.t.
3rd Carl Clarke HCC s.t.
4th Vince DeJong HCC s.t.
5th Mark Harvey HCC s.t.
6th Dave Ens HCC 1:11:02
7th Steve Anschuetz HCC 1:11:30
8th Doug Taylor HCC 1:15:50
9th Debbie Clarke* HCC 1:16:27
10th Wayne Atanas* HCC s.t.
11th Marie Clare Hayley* HCC 1:24:35
12th Marva Taylor* HCC 1:22:30 (1 lap down)


*For the first time this race was done as an Australian Pursuit with non elite riders given a 7 minute start. This will be retuned for the Andy Keyes using the above to calculate  more equalizing gaps. There will probably be three cats.


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