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Race Results 2006

Tuesday Night 15km TT 2006

Thursday Crits 2006


Sydenham Hill Climb Sept 5th 2006

sydhill06_1.jpg (74457 bytes) All finished   sydhill06_2.jpg (74951 bytes)Mike the winner!

Perfect night mild - no wind. 5 riders turned out from Piericks and one from Texas! The writer went up the next day in a blazing 10:17!!

Place Rider Time 06 Time 05 Time '04
1st Mike Hruska  3:56 4:01  
2nd Greg Germer (Assoc) 4:07    
3rd Mike McCaughley (Assoc) 4:10 3:42 4:51
4th Doug Richard (Assoc) 4:12 4:33 4:50
5th Dave Wooley (Assoc) 4:22    
6th Mike Ventil (Assoc) 4:31    
7th Greg Bishop (Assoc) 4:35    
8th Donald Smith (Assoc) 4:42    
9th Matt Gallo 4:51 5:01  
10th Sean Scott 5:10    
11th Jake St Pierre 5:11    
12th Mark Harvey 5:14    
13th Naomi Cermak 5:29    
14th Robin Mildren 5:41    
15th Chris Kiriakopoulos 5:46   5:32


Hogben 40km TT Sat Aug 12th

Sunny but cool (14C at start) modest 10km east wind. Garth Logan  captured the Hogben trophy held previously by Mirek - who is still in training!

Place Rider Time '06 Time '05 Time '04
1st Garth Logan 57:21 58:14  
2nd Heather Davidson Meyn (Assoc) 1:01:33 1:03:33  
3rd Matt Kings 1:01:40    
4th Doug Taylor 1:02:15 1:00:26 1:01:38
5th Walter Piersanti 1:02:26    
6th Mark Harvey 1:07:09    
7th Naomi Cermak 1:07:47    
8th Wayne Atanas 1:13:24    
9th Ralph Clarke 1:14:46    
10th Marie-Clare Haley 1:15:37 1:14:12  


Snake Hill Climb July 26th

Only 8 riders and Sean was observed crossing the line reading the latest issue of Velo News! For curiosity sake I have added the '04 & '05 results for those who competed again last night! Everyone improved!

Place Rider Time '06 Time '05 Time '04
1st Jonathan Prosser 5:51    
2nd Rob Cheskey 6:13 6:24  
3rd Jason Ostafachuk 6:53    
4th Mark Harvey 7:08 7:34  
5th Naomi Cermak 7:18 7:29 8:01
6th Paul St Pierre 7:34    
7th Sean Scott 7:37    
8th Ken Wilson 8:03 8:45  

Andy Keyes 100km Road Race - Ayr July 15th

Record turn out for a blistering hot day blessed to some degree by winds. The younger riders set the pace on the hill to the start/finish weaning  experienced riders Naomi, Randy & Mark off the back in the 3rd lap. This left a peleton of 11. Guest Michael Moore broke away in the 5th but was eventually hauled back in. Rest of the race saw 3 groups on the course with a sprint finish  in each, Naomi  ahead going into the last corner beat her group by 17 secs. Jonathan got caught midships  by a break while he was bridging a gap. Carl had to pull out due to stomach cramps. As usual Marie Clare battled on valiantly where others might have quit - your time will come Marie Clare!

Trophy winner - Mike Hruska. Congrats! Fastest women Naomi Cermak.


Rider Category Overall Cat Place Time
Adam Thus - A Men 1st 1st 2:33:32
Michael Moore - A Men 2nd 2nd st
Sebastian Porter - A Men 3rd 3rd st
Mike Hruska - HCC Men 4th 1st Club 2:33:32
Mike Nova - A Men 5th 5th 2:37:12
Shawn Cranwell - A Men 6th 6th 2:37:12
Jordan Shepherd - A Men 7th 7th 2:37:21
Fred Perez - A Men 8th 8th 2:37:22
Jonathan Prosser - A Men 9th 9th 2:44:27
Naomi Cermak - HCC Women 10th 1st W & 2nd Club 2:50:26
Doug Taylor - HCC Men 11th 3rd Club 2:50:43
Mark Harvey - HCC Men 12th 4th Club 2:51:17
Randy Brown - HCC Men 13th 5th Club 2:52:04
Don Krueger - A Men 14th 6th Club  
Marie Clare Haley - HCC Women 15th 2nd W 7th Club  
Carl Clarke - HCC       DNF
Paul St Pierre - HCC       DNF
Prerre Perrin - A       DNF
Jake St Pierre - HCC       DNF



Nella 40km TT June 24th 2006

18C NE wind under 10km cloudy bright. Jonathan Prosser  blazed right through the field to take 1st only 19 sec off Fred's time in '05. The Nella Trophy goes to Doug Taylor as fastest full club rider at 23 sec over the hour (sounds like a PB looking over last few years?). Thanks to Ken Wilson for manning the turn and Adrian Prosser for doing bike hold ups and reading out times at finish!

Rider Place Time
Jonathan Prosser (A) 1st 57:15
Bodik Schoueri (A) 2nd 1:00:01
Doug Taylor (M) 3rd 1:00:23
Walter Piersanti (M) 4th 1:01:11
Chris May (A) 5th 1:02:16
Don Kruger (A) 6th 1:04:07
Naomi Cermak (M) 7th 1:05:59
Karen Watson (A) 8th 1:07:28
Marie Clare Haley (M) 9th 1:10:14
Nina Teboekhurst (A) 10th 1:10:18
Wayne Atanas (M) 11th 1:11:30
Ralph Clark (A) 12th 1:13:47
Marva Taylor (M) 13th 1:20:05


Ayr 44km Road Race June 10 2006

Unseasonably cool 9C and windy had everyone in their longs. Fast pace from start quickly had Marva and Heather in trouble and before end of 1st lap of 4 - Marie Clare.. Early in the 3rd lap Carl turned up the heat to a 50kph pace with Randy & last year's winner Mark chasing....and so it ended.. We have some pictures of indiviual riders but not the winners who caught the writer by surprise - no wonder with an average racing speed of 40kph on a windy/cold day yet!
Rider Place Time BAR Points
Cark Clarke 1st 1:10:45 10
Mark Harvey 2nd 1:11:48 9
Randy Brown 3rd 1:11:49 8
Doug Taylor 4th 1:14:20 7
Greg Drummond 5th 1:25:40 6
Rob Zych 6th 1:27:22 5
Marie Clare Haley 7th 1:35:52 4
Marva Taylor 8th TBD 3
Heather Simpson DNF    

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