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2005 Race Results

Tuesday 15km Time Trials

Thursday Track Results

Sydenham Hill Climb Sept 7th

The course was shortened 17 metres. Approx 150 metre climb over 1.2km

Place Rider Time
1st Mike McCauley 3:42
2nd Mike Hruska HCC 4:01
3rd Rory McDough 4:02
4th Rob Cheskey HCC 4:13
5th Dan Smith 4:24
6th Doug Richards 4:33
7th Nada Pasko 4:38
8th Matt Gallo HCC 5:01
9th Doug Taylor HCC 5:24
10th Rob Zych HCC 5:43
11th Marie Claire Haley HCC 7:04
12th Marva Taylor HCC 8:55

Hogben 40km TT Aug 13th 2005

Slightly overcast, mild damp morning no wind. Good road conditions. Mirek took The Hogben trophy. Nic to see 30% of our riders were women with Nada blazing a 1:01. Pity you were not a full member Nada - you would have taken over the Club 40km women's' record from Patsy Kammerer (1:02:53 1983)

Position Rider Time
1st Mirek Mazur HCC 55:23
2nd Garth Logan (A) 58:14
3rd Doug Taylor HCC 1:00:26
4th Nada Pasko (A) 1:01:40
5th Heather Davidson (A) 1:03:33
6th Peter Farr (A) 1:04:40
7th Graham Lamb (A) 1:05:01
8th Sergei Stevens (HCC) 1:07:23
9th Mary-Clare Haley (HCC) 1:14:12
10th Luc O'Hara (HCC) 1:14:14

Snake Hill Climb July 27th 2005

Advertised as a 5km climb it turned out to be 3.5km. Our original course from Hidden Valley Park had been 6km however the intrusion of stop signs is the reason for shortened course.

Position Rider Time
1st Rob Cheskey 6:24
2nd Carl Clarke 6:34
3rd Nada Pasko 7:11
4th Naomi Cermak 7:29
5th Mark Harvey 7:34
6th Walter Piersanti 7:42
7th Sergei Stevens 8:07
8th Rob Zych 8:21
9th Bill Cassady 8:25
10th Ken Wilson 8:45
11th Matt Gallo (jr) 9:10
12th Debbie Clarke 9:13
13th Heather Simpson 10:41

Andy Keyes 100km Road Race July 16th 2005

keyes.jpg (31904 bytes)

Humid day with heavy rain south of us in Paris. Group rode steady for half the race with Marva and Jim slipping off the back. With 2 laps to go John Hall pulled away with a minute gap reaching 2 minutes. With the bell lap to go Sean Scott & Naomi Cermak gave chase coming through the bell lap 1 minute back from John. The finish occurred in pouring rain.

Sean Cranwell got off to a late start due to a misunderstanding re the start point. He gave valiant chase but slowly gave way to the field in the latter half getting captured in the final lap and coming in with the peleton.

ayr05_peleton.jpg (130819 bytes) 1    ayr05_cornering.jpg (99323 bytes) 2    ayr05_randy_mike.jpg (156080 bytes)  3    ayr05_cathcart.jpg (83519 bytes)  4

1 Peleton led by Mark Harvey 4th lap 2 Naomi Cermak leads the pack 3 Randy Brown & Mike Hruska 4 What is Jim Cathcart  smiling about?

Place Rider Time
1st Sean Scott 2:28:10
2nd  John Hall (Assoc) 2:28:13
3rd  Naomi Cermak 2:28:15
4th Mike Hruska 2:30:00
5th Mark Harvey 2:30:04
6th Doug Taylor 2:30:10
7th Sean Cranwell  
8th Jim Cathcart  
9th Marva Taylor  
  Randy Brown Flatted 7th lap DNF

Nella 40km Time Trial June 18th

Cool, slightly windy occasional light rain. 18 riders on the line!
Place Rider Full/Assoc Time
1st Fred Pepper F 0:56:56
2nd Garnett Abbey A 0:58:39
3rd Duncan Salisbury A 0:58:53
4th Oliver Mein A 1:00:30
5th Henry Dudko A 1:00:46
6th Randy Brown F 1:01:25
7th Walter Piersanti F 1:02:33
8th Doug Taylor F 1:02:37
8th Peter Hein A 1:02:37
10th Nada Pasko A 1:03:37
11th Peter Morris F 1:04:40
12th Heather Davidson A 1:05:41
13th Ken Jobba F 1:06:57
14th Chris May A 1:07:41
15th Rob Zych F 1:10:06
16th Wayne Atanas F 1:17:55
17th Heather Simpson F 1:24:17
18th Marva Taylor F 1:28:54

Ayr Road Race

This May 14th event got confounded once again by garage sales day in Ayr. We should have better luck for the Andy Keyes.

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