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2004 Club Races

15km TT

Flamborough Track

Other Races

Sydenham Hill Climb

Don Sloan & Martin Reid turned up on a wet, windy and cool night just in case the weather changed but not expecting any riders to show up. It's an HCC custom to always be there - just in case. Chris Kiriakopoulos also showed up - with a stopwatch in one hand and a bike in the other! Guess what 4 brave riders showed up and Chris "threw away" the stop watch to make it 5!

The climbers faced a blast of wind half way across the bridge and the rest of the way up - but all put in excellent times. Rob lost 5-10 seconds with a shoe that wouldn't lock in at the start. Well done!

1st Doug Richards (Mad Dogs & OCA) 4:50
2nd Mike McCaughey (Mad Dogs & OCA) 4:51
3rd Rob Cheskey  5:08
4th Chris Kiriakopoulos 5:32
5th Karen Watson (Thunder Bay CC) 6:12

Falkland 40km Gus Hogben TT

Terry Spielvogel was defending trophy holder from '03 80km TT with a 2:06. Eevent was won by Waterloo rider Bert Cordilla but trophy was won by full HCC member Doug Taylor as fastest HCC rider.

It was a sunny day  - cool to start with modest cross wind from the north.

1st Bert Candela Waterloo 58:36
2nd Dave Woolley St Catherines 58:44
3rd Doug Taylor Hamilton CC 1:01:38
4th Terry Spielvogel Hamilton 1:03:18
5th Peter Farr Hamilton 1:06:52
6th Rob Zyck Hamilton 1:07:40
7th Chris Kiriakopoulos Hamilton 1:10:16
8th Rob Faulkner Hamilton 1:12:17


Snake Hill Climb July 28th

Rescheduled due to road condition which did not improve. Accordingly the race finished before the bridge reducing the distance to approximately 4km.

Chris's mountain bike team which will compete in London soon went off first and we have treated them as a separate race.

There was some confusion as to the finishing point when the finish timekeeper overlooked an earlier marker and set up shop 200 metres further down the road. This impacted a couple of our mountain bike riders.

1st Mike Herrington 9:46
2nd Joe Hruska 10:20
3rd Gemma Sanders 10:31
4th Sammy Milisonda 10:46
5th Michal Takuc 11:08
6th Brian Smith 15:32
1st Garth Logan 6:29
2nd Carl Clark 7:00
3rd Peter Farr 7:35
4th Terry Spielvogel 7:51
5th Chris Kiriakopoulos 7:54
6th Naomi Cermak 8:01
7th Peter Morris 8:09
8th Rob Zyck 8:23
9th Debbie Clark 9:38

Andy Keyes Century RR - Ayr - July 17th

Race started 14 minutes late due to the number of associate entrants!. How exciting to at last have a good field!

In the 5th lap Sean Scott jumped and a three person break formed quickly. The break gradually build up from a few seconds to 30 seconds end of lap 5 and 3 minutes by the end of the 8th lap. In the last lap the peleton cut that down to two minutes notwithstanding a crash coming into town that brought Jason Cormack and Ian Fisher down. Ian got back onto the peleton, Jason got back to his car slowly suffering an injured shoulder.

The break had some interclub strategizing resulting in an HCC rider Garth taking the race victory and the cup.

Doug Taylor, Naomi Cermack and our Chris stayed together from the 3rd lap. Chris cramped up in the last lap coming in 13th. 

Marva soldiered on the entire 100km notwithstanding getting lapped. That's being a real hero Marva!

ayrRR-1.jpg (58655 bytes)    ayrRR-2.jpg (40026 bytes)    ayrRR-3.jpg (13410 bytes)    ayrRR-4.jpg (42760 bytes)

1st Garth Logan HCC 2:29
2nd Frank Faust Oakville ST
3rd Sean Scott HCC ST
4th Kevin Davidson Waterloo 2:31
5th John Parkinson Waterloo ST
6th Brad Nickorick HCC ST
7th Terry Spielvogel HCC ST
8th Jeff Ferguson Oakville ST
9th Ian Fisher Oakville ST
10th Chris McCart Oakville ST
11th Doug Taylor HCC 2:42
12th Naomi Cermak HCC ST
13th Chris Kiriakopoulos HCC 2:46
14th Marva Taylor HCC 2:51 8 laps
Steve Dickens, Peter Farr, Gary Scully, Jason Cormack (crash), Sean Cranwell  DNF

40 km Time Trial - Binbrook, Ontario.

    Date: 19 June, 2004.
Timekeeper: Donald M. Sloan.          
Turn Marshall: Chris Kariakopoulos. Starter: Keith Oliver.      
No. Name. Member.
Full/ Ass.
1 Axel Pond. Assoc. 0:01:00 1:08:35 1:07:35 9th (M).
2 Peter Schouten. Full. 0:02:00 1:08:42 1:06:42 8th (M).
3     0:03:00      
4 Anita Lagler. Assoc. 0:04:00 1:14:26 1:10:26 3rd (F).
5 Axel Bergman. Assoc. 0:05:00 1:06:37 1:01:37 3rd (M).
6 Terry Spielvogel. Full. 0:06:00 1:08:34 1:02:34 6th (M).
7 Dermot Kelly. Full. 0:07:00 1:08:38 1:01:38 4th (M).
8 Pierre Perrin. Assoc. 0:08:00 1:10:10 1:02:10 5th (M).
9 Anne Guzman. Assoc. 0:09:00 1:22:07 1:13:07 4Th (F).
10 Stirling McArthur. Assoc. 0:10:00 1:08:18 0:58:18 2nd (M).
11 Fred Pepper. Full. 0:11:00 1:06:53 0:55:53 1st (M).
12 Holland Gidney. Assoc. 0:12:00 1:19:32 1:07:32 1st (F).
13 Tara Ross. Assoc. 0:13:00 1:21:07 1:08:07 2nd (F).
14 Walter Piersanti. Full. 0:14:00 1:20:41 1:06:41 7th (M).
15     0:15:00      
16 Rob Zych. Full. 0:16:00 1:27:21 1:11:21 10th (M).

Ayr spring Race didn't get enough showing of riders to proceed and confounded by garage sale day in Ayr!

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